The tumultuous saga of the ‘Terminator’ franchise can be likened to a ride on a roller coaster: there have been some serious highs and thrills, some low points as well, and a fair amount of standing around and waiting for the action to happen.  From the franchise’s intriguing beginnings back in the 1980s to ‘Terminator 2,’ widely regarded as one of the few sequels in the history of cinema to actually surpass the original film, there have been some definite “highs;” these come with some extreme “lows,” however, in the form of years and years in between films and the recent spate of poorly-performing and largely-unentertaining film installments.

Now, however, fans work to grasp on to hope where they can find it; due to the details of the contract he signed back when the franchise was first born, James Cameron has regained the intellectual rights to the property, and he has plans of his own to produce a new ‘Terminator’ film.

During a recent interview at the Cannes Film Festival, original ‘Terminator’ star Arnold Schwarzenegger stated in no uncertain terms that he has had conversations with Cameron about the future of the franchise, and his involvement as well:

“It is back. It is moving forward. He [Cameron] has some good ideas of how to continue with the franchise. I will be in the movie.”

No release dates have been set, but it’s good to hear that the original team is getting back together again for one (or more) final ride!

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