Just days after The CW and the producers of ‘The Flash’ announced that they were seeking an actress to play Bette Sans Souci better known as the explosion generating super villain Plastique, comes word that they’ve found their girl, Kelly Frye.

Frye first came to prominence on the 2007 sitcom ‘Roommates.  After that, she made a few smaller movies, guest appearances on several TV shows and had small recurring roles on shows like ‘The Mentalist’, ‘Body of Proof’ and most recently ‘Rake’.  ‘The Flash’ could be just the job she needs to really be seen and make a name for herself, especially among the fan community.

Her character Plastique… makes things blow up.  The villain is a classic Firestorm foe.  Firestorm is all but a certainty for the show, as half of his alter egos, Ronnie Raymond has been cast with Robbie Amell.  In the comics, Ronnie’s father married Felicity Smoak, although sounds like a longshot as the TV version of the character is vastly different from the comic characters that she is based on.

Plastique has also been romantically linked to Captain Atom, so that opens the door for yet another DC character to transition to the small screen.

But she has also served with the Suicide Squad, the gang of killers assembled by Amanda Waller to carry out deadly missions for shorter sentences for their crimes.  Last season included Sean Maher as a very clear deviation from the character Shrapnel.  Rather than a hulking monster made of metal shard that could explode and reform his body, Maher’s version was just a human explosives explosives expert.  On his first mission with the Squad, we went rogue… well, his explosives skills kind of backfired on him.

Are you familiar with Kelly Frye’s work?  Unfortunately, I’m not but as with everyone on this show, I hope they do a good job.  As strong a show as ‘Arrow’ is, the idea of a lighter show, with actual super powers is even more exciting.  And the fact that there is going to going to be continuity and shared characters between both shows could potentially lead to greatness.

What do you think?  What other characters would you like to see on either show?

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