With how well ‘Evil Dead‘ did at the box office in it’s opening weekend, and with the warm reception it’s received by critics, it’s not hard to see that director Fede Alavarez and his writer Rodo Sayagues would have another hot new property in the works rather quickly. According to their sources, Latino Review is reporting that the two are actually in talks with Marvel Studios about working on one of their upcoming films.

While Marvel has quite a few characters that could fall into the category that this duo would be perfect for, only one of them has been mentioned recently as a character who the studio has planned to put into a film: Dr. Strange.

While Alvarez’ over the top use of blood won’t fit for a Dr. Strange film, he can clearly bring a darker feel to a movie that would fit perfectly in Strange’s universe. More importantly, the ominous tone that was written by Sayagues is exactly what Dr. Strange would need to be a convincing and interesting character. Magic has always been a hard sell in the Marvel Universe. The areas that it does work, though, is when demons are involved, and if these two have proven anything, it’s that they can successfully bring some full on demons to the big screen.

Of course, being an origin story for Dr. Strange you have to wonder how far into demonology the duo is willing to go. Strange’s origin involved having to fight a fellow disciple, his teacher named “Baron Mordo”. While Mordo was a main villain for years, there wasn’t much in the way of demons right off the bat. On the flip side, they could go with another of his nemesis, ‘Dormammu’, who is much more demonic in nature and would probably be a more interesting villain for audiences as well as a better subject matter for Alvarez and Sayagues to draw upon.

I’m not sure how I feel about Dr. Strange joining the greater Marvel Universe. While in the realm of The Avengers, I feel he would be a hard fit (even though he’s been an Avenger for years). He would absolutely fit perfectly with all of the side projects that Marvel has in the works.

Remember, though, a meeting with Marvel doesn’t mean that this pair has landed a job to work on one of the studio’s properties (and doesn’t guarantee they were even talking about Dr. Strange). At this point, it’s all conjecture. We do know that a meeting did happen. We just don’t know if the source was 100% correct on what took place during it.