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Fangirls rejoice! The hunky ‘Stargate‘ and ‘Game of Thrones‘ actor is rumored have already signed on with Warner Bros. to join The Bat and Supes in the ‘Man of Steel’ sequel! Pauses for the screams of delight to subside…

According to Batman-News:

“… Momoa signed the dotted line and joined the Batman vs. Superman cast a couple of months ago. There’s no word yet on who Momoa will be playing, but previous rumors have tied him to Aquaman. I’m labeling this as a rumor for now, but I feel that this information is accurate based on who I got it from.

There were rumors back in December that Momoa was considered for a role, but he politely denied them:

“It’s just rumors. It’s flattering. I want to say something amazing, but I can’t comment on rumors.”

I can think of other actors that would be more appropriate for the role of Aquaman, strictly based on the look in the comics, of course. But I have a feeling Momoa can pull it off. He joins stage actor Ray Fisher who portrays Victor Stone, aka Cyborg.

To clear things up a bit for those folks that have not been following the news, the Zack Snyder Superman sequel will be merging the Superman mythology with that of Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot).

While Momoa’s role as Aquaman is not confirmed, it is clear that he has signed a contract with Warner Bros. But the role call seems to make one thing clear, like Marvel, the DC Universe is growing — and the results should be epic!

OK, so the heroes from your favorite comics are gearing up and they have each other on speed dial now. Aside from ‘Justice League’, what else would you, the reader, want to see on the big screen? The possibilities are exciting!