Iron Fist

I feel like every season of a Marvel/ Netflix series has to have at least one episode that opens with the classic trope of showing us the end of a scene/ battle/ situation our hero is in that we have no idea about, and then stepping back a few days/ and or hours to show us how he or she got into that situation. Hence how Episode 4 of ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 opens, where we see Danny sprawled out on the ground in a subway station, clearly having been beaten down, his phone just out of reach as Colleen shouts his name. A boot comes down, smashing his phone, and then knocks him out, right before dragging him away. A hooded figure wearing sunglasses is seen yet despite all that, it was clearly Mary Walker who it seems figured out her issues with Joy and Davos.

So the Mary, Joy and Davos story first. It looks like Mary and Davos DID NOT fight, sadly, but instead Joy kept the situation under control, eventually sending Davos away so she could talk to her business associate and get to the bottom of what is going on, eventually figuring out that Mary has multiple personalities and was not lying when she said she did not give the photos to Danny, as it was actually her “other” self. Joy demands to know if Mary can keep it under control, which Mary assures her she can, though Mary is also a little pissed off that Joy figured out her secret by going through her things. They come to an understanding and Joy leaves, assured that Mary will get the job done, especially since she is apparently paying the woman extremely well. Well enough to keep Mary in line despite the invasion of her privacy by Joy and the threats by Davos.

Davis meanwhile heads over to the docks to intercept a shipping container, and prove that he has indeed gone full super-villain as he kills a good number of men on his way to said shipping container just for being in his way. Inside, he finds a coffin with what appears to be the body of an ancient Iron Fist, which we only know because he is wearing a costume VERY similar to the one Danny Rand wears in the comics (complete with yellow mask) and because his exposed chest (which has not fully decayed) still has the tattoo of the dragon on it. Davos then proceeds to cut the dragon tattoo off the corpse.

Meanwhile, Danny and Colleen are recuperating following the failed parlay between the Golden Tigers Triad and the Hatchet Triad, with Danny wondering if he made a mistake in thinking they were under attack when he saw those men approaching from the outside. Colleen decides they should try to talk to Mrs. Yang one more time, and though she agrees to see them, Mrs. Yang reveals there is little chance of a peace talk now.  She does not appreciate Danny’s attempt to strong-arm her into making another offer, though she does reveal that her husband suffered a stroke which is why she is now in charge (called it!). Danny visits Mr. Yang and spots bruises on his throat and knows that Davos was behind the man’s stroke (as Danny and Davos are the only knows that know that technique).

As he and Colleen leave the Yang household, they are spotted by Misty Knight (hooray! My favorite ‘Luke Cage’ character has arrived!), who heads with them back to their apartment for a chat, revealing that the NYPD is also involved in the Triad case, and Danny and Colleen actually ruined their bust the previous night. It was the cops who were swarming outside and Danny actually put one of their inside men in the hospital while fighting his way out. Misty is, of course, sympathetic to her vigilante friends, especially since her new bionic arm was a gift from the Rand Corporation, but she warns them to stay out of the Triad war and let the NYPD handle it, which is something Danny is loathed to do now that he suspects Davos is more closely involved than they previously thought.

They connect some dots based on Mr. Yang’s final words to Danny and realize there was a ship coming into the docks, which is why Davos and the Triads were fighting over the shipyards. Danny wants to investigate, but Misty tells him no, so Danny heads out to the patio for some air. Inside, Misty and Colleen discuss how Colleen gave up the vigilante life, literally shelving her katana with Misty warning Colleen that if it is indeed a line she does not want to cross, she better be careful about getting involved in all this business, even if she is just trying to protect her neighborhood. Colleen heads out to check on Danny and discovers he is gone and realizes he has probably gone to the docks to check out that ship.

Ward meanwhile has spent the night with his sponsor, who now recognizes their “sponsor” relationship is unhealthy and ends that, though she appears to still want to be romantically involved with Ward. She recommends Ward try to use his best self to re-connect with Joy, which to his credit he does attempt, buying a company for her which he knows she currently needs, but Joy does not take it well, especially when Ward suggests he could be a silent partner for her. She verbally attacks him, saying it is the same tactic their father would use and telling Ward their co-dependent relationship is over and his need for her is pathetic, ending the harsh words by saying she cannot be his surrogate mother, words that cut especially deep, which Ward tells her in a surprisingly calm manner. She then dismisses him and heads back to her room, leaving Ward to show himself out of her apartment, full of hurt and humiliation. You cannot help but feel bad for Ward, who looks like was honestly only trying to reconnect with his sibling, his only remaining family. And though they reveal Joy back in her room is emotional about the whole thing and upset, her motivations here seem a little thin, and I hope she gets over herself and forgives Ward soon, because, in my opinion, Ward made some stupid mistakes in Season 1, but his intentions were still to protect her. I do not think he intentionally meant to hurt her, quite the opposite in fact, while she seems to be going out of her way to hurt Ward, which is much worse, making me dislike her character more and more.

Ok, back in the Danny story. He finds the dead bodies and the shipping container with the ancient corpse, but he does not know the significance as it appears Davos took the yellow mask and the tattoo, making the corpse indistinguishable from any other, though Danny is still appalled that his old friend (aka brother) could be capable of killing all those people. Misty and Colleen arrive and they all argue. Misty is pissed off that Danny is still investigating and now is in the middle of an active crime scene. Colleen is angry at Danny for just leaving like that, and Danny is angry that Colleen does not understand his plight as he thought she would be sympathetic to his turmoil as someone else who once realized someone they loved might actually be evil. As Misty heads inside the container to check out the ancient corpse herself, Misty tells Danny to go and keep trying to find Davos, showing that she does understand what Danny is going through.

And it is following this that Danny finds himself in a subway station attacked by Mary, who clearly has been following him, watching his moves, and figuring out the best way to fight and take down the Iron Fist, her first move being to inject him with a drug to slow down his reflexes and put him to sleep. Danny manages to fight it off somewhat, but not nearly enough. She puts him through his paces in the train station, through a subway car and out the other side, and even manages to hide behind a pillar to negate the shockwaves from one of his Iron Fist ground pounds, revealing how much about his powers she knows. In the end, she takes him out just like the opening revealed. Colleen is aware that Danny is in trouble because he managed to answer the phone call from her, so help may be on the way, though it is probably too late.

The episode ends with a strange ritual which had a group of women take blood from Danny and the ashes from the dragon tattoo from the ancient Iron Fist corpse and use them to create a serpent tattoo on Davos’s back, all of which makes it seem like Davos is stealing the Iron Fist from Danny. The episode ends before we see whether or not it worked, but since this is a Marvel show, I can guess it probably did, meaning Danny has a lot more to deal with now, though I am hoping for a situation where both he AND Davos now have Iron Fists, which would be very cool to watch in a fight.

Can’t wait to see the result in Episode 5! Check back here for the next review!