In what could become one of the most interesting shows on television, Ridley Scott (‘Prometheus‘, ‘The Pillars of the Earth’) and Frank Spotnitz (‘Millennium’,’The Lone Gunmen’) are set to bring Philip K. Dick‘s Hugo award-winning ‘The Man in the High Castle’ to the small screen. Well specifically to your computer screen or streaming device hooked up to a television, as it has been greenlit by Amazon. Scott is on board to produce while long term ‘X-Files’ producer Spotnitz will be writing the script for the pilot. Currently they have David Semel (‘American Horror Story‘, ‘Hannibal‘) on board to direct though as he is usually a short term director, I would wager that he is just signed on for the pilot.

Scott is very excited about the project and calls it one of Dick’s “most imaginative and captivating works.” If nothing else it stands out as one of the most known alternate history novels to date.

The show is an extremely ambitious project that gives us an alternate history where Germany and Japan had won World War II and were in the process of occupying the United States. The Nazis have control of the East Coast and Japan has the West Coast. The Midwest is open territory and the resistance is mainly on the run as they are having enough problems trying to survive let alone find a way to still save the world from tyranny. If divvying up the United States wasn’t enough for Japan and Germany to do it looks as if the two allies are set to go to war with one another.

Originally, the series was pitched as a four-hour mini-series at Syfy that was scrubbed. They moved to BBC where it also ended up dead in the water and now is sitting in Amazon’s house of digital television. The question now is will happen with the show while at Amazon as they have a limited track record when it comes to gene shows and are just as ready to scrub science fiction shows as it is to give them a chance.

Are you interested in checking out a show based on the novel? Do you think it would translate well to the small screen? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Blastr