Superboy And Robin (aka Damien Wayne)

While fans are already excited at the prospect of a new CW series focused on the adventures of Superman and Lois (titled, what else, ‘Superman and Lois’), it seems there is potentially even more in the series that die-hard fans can look forward to. According to new rumors and casting reports, it seems that the new series (which remember, has only been given a pilot order so far, not ordered to series yet) may also star Superboy and Robin, meaning they would be somewhat aging up the newborn baby of Clark and Lois (first referenced during last year’s ‘Elseworlds’ crossover) for the series.TV Review: ‘Arrow: Elseworlds, Part Two’

According to an exclusive from the site Geeks Worldwide, there is even some fairly suspicious casting notices currently out that sound pretty much like they are looking for actors to play Superboy and Robin. Check out some excerpts from Geek’s Worldwide below:

“…“Matthew” (a codename), who is a 14-year old caucasian boy, who is well on his way to becoming a physical specimen. Matthew is a clean cut, modest and kind-hearted, with an aw-shucks attitude that somehow doesn’t seem dated. He is also a three-sport athlete who’s already garnering attention from college and pro-scouts…” 

“…“Ethan” is also 14-years old and caucasian, but has a young Leonardo DiCaprio quality and an inherent darkness to him. Ethan is wildly intelligent, but his mercurial temperament and social anxiety limits his interactions with people. Consequently, he spends most of his free time playing video games.”

The first description sounds pretty spot on for a version of Superboy for the series, (with either some CW twists or some details thrown in to throw off fans), The same can be said about the second one for Robin, aka Damien Wayne, though I could definitely see the young hero being very into video games on top of his crime-fighting duties. Of course, having Robin on board means that Batman might be in the periphery as well, which is an interesting notion, though I’m not sure the CW will really have the rights for the Dark Knight by the time the show rolls around… so maybe not. Another issue could be how they are going to “age up” Superboy in the series unless the show will feature a time-jump (which is already being done in ‘Arrow’) or some kind of magical nonsense that will somehow age the child of Lois and Superman to young teenager years.

Do you have any theories on how it could all work, and why it would be important to have Superboy and Robin on a show with Superman and Lois? Feel free to share any thoughts or ideas you have in the comments below!


Source: The GWW