We already know Firestorm will be making an appearance on ‘The Flash’ as Robbie Ammell has been cast as Ronnie Raymond and producers have stated that the other half of the equation, Professor Martin Stein is on his way.  Danielle Panabaker, meanwhile has been cast as series regular Caitlin Snow, a character who, in the comics, becomes Firestorm’s enemy Killer Frost.  Now producers are seeking an actress to play none other than Plastique.

“Sgt. Bette Sans Souci – AKA Plastique – will make her way to The Flash this season. The series’ incarnation of the metahuman is a fetching young redhead who was a bomb specialist with the Army before she was injured by an IED in Iraq. Since being exposed to the Central City explosion, she can turn any object into a bomb with just a touch of her hand. Not a bad comrade for The Flash to have on his team, eh?”

But will she actually be on The Flash’s team?  That’s unlikely as the character is traditionally a villain.  She has appeared on ‘Smallville’ and ‘Justice League Unlimited’ prior to this.  The character has also been romantically linked to Captain Atom in the comics.

But what is perhaps of greater interest, is that the character has served as a regular member of the Suicide Squad, the team of criminals employed by the US government as special operatives in exchange for lighter sentences.  This team has already appeared on ‘Arrow’, featuring Bronze Tiger, Deadshot and the dearly departed Shrapnel.  Will Plastique add to that mix?  And will the Suicide Squad find its way over to ‘The Flash’?

Now that it’s official that ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ are on their own, basically, not connected to the hot mess that is the DC Cinematic Universe is looking to be, does that free the producers up to basically do what they want?  What would you like to see out of this series?

Source: Comic Book Movie