We still haven’t reached the “dog days” of summer, but for fans starved of a regular fix of their favorite shows, it can seem like hell.  Especially for fans of the demon-battling series ‘Supernatural’.

Luckily, we have ‘Entertainment Weekly’ TV guru Michael Ausiello to help at least spill some details on the ten-year-old CW series’ upcoming season.

One reader referred to the summer break as a “hellatus” which the journalist jumped on:

“I see what you did there. You took hell and hiatus and smushed them together. That’s some clever wordplay. Here’s your scooprize: Scottish actress Ruth Connell is joining the cast in the pivotal recurring role of Rowena, a mysterious old-school witch who, rumor has it, is looking to reclaim her power base.”

Ausiello also had an inside scoop with executive producer Jeremy Carver:

“Wondering how Cas will handle his buddy’s new persona? Well, first he’ll have to find out about it. “He doesn’t know what happened to Dean,” executive producer Jeremy Carver tells TVLine. “You’ve got to remember, Sam put Dean down on the bed dead. [He] comes back in the room [and] Dean’s not there. So no one knows what happened.”

Carver isn’t the only insider with something to say about the series premiere.  Star Jared Padalecki (Sam) also opened up about the upcoming season:

“When Sam went down to summon Crowley to get his brother back at the end of Season 9, he returned to Dean’s room to find his brother gone. Since Sam didn’t get a chance to see the episode, he didn’t know that Crowley was in there or that Dean woke up a demon. So Sam starts out not having any idea that his brother is a demon. True to the Winchester form, he’s going to go through hell and high water to try to get his brother back, wherever his brother is. He doesn’t know if he’s been taken, or vanished, but he has his suspicions. Sam starts out with the same commitment to bring his brother back that he ended with in Season 9, when he was telling Dean, ‘Stay with me, I’m not going to let you go, I’ve got you. We’ll make it through this.’ Obviously, he didn’t, but he’s still going to try and keep his promise …

The tone of the Season 10 premiere, we definitely hit the ground running. We’ll see Sam already several months into his search for his brother. It starts out very action-y. Sam will not accept ‘no’ for an answer in figuring out what happened to his brother. It will kind of be like the first couple of seasons, with Sam acting as a fed or a police officer, a doctor or dentist or whatever, to try to almost solve a case. It’s a missing person thing. So the energy of the season premiere is very high-paced, more of a thriller, action, than emotional.”

Will fan favorites Castiel and Crowley play a part?  Padalecki had this to say:

“It’s going to make it worse. Misha sucks and Mark has a terrible accent. [laughs] I know that Jensen and I have always been the base of the show, and that the show is about these two brothers, but I love seeing the brothers interact with other characters, especially Misha and Mark (who are both great actors and I would never say that in front of them and if you quote me I’ll deny it). Their characters are so fledged out and so wonderful. I don’t think, logistically, that studios and networks want to just add a bunch of characters to the show. But in their case, they were just so good and such a crucial part of our show, that it became obvious to the WB and CW that we needed these guys. They’re an integral part of the show. Let’s thank them for all the hard work they’ve done and show our commitment to them by having them around all year. It gives us room to play.”

So rest assured, two of the most popular supporting characters will be sticking around for this season.  Will Crowley, who has been slowly inching toward being… *gasp* good, continue down that path?  Will Castiel be able to save Dean?  (Only in fanfic, Destiel shippers, only in fanfic.)

Are you dying to find out what happens in this upcoming season of ‘Supernatural’?  Check back!  we’ll be reporting every bit of news that trickles down the pipeline.

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