If you didn’t think Oliver Queen was the Tony Stark (or vice versa) of the DC Universe, you’ll have no choice after reading the Green Arrow Industries One-Shot.

In this issue Oliver Queen is not the Emerald Archer, protecting the weak and fighting the “corporate fat cats”. No, he is the quintessential corporate fat cat. After somehow losing Queen Industries, Ollie has started Green Arrow Industries. Green Arrow Industries is a place where villainous tech goes to be repurposed and further weaponized.

Oliver is little more than a shrewd business man, he is not a hero. He is more interested in making a buck than really helping people. That is until his Chief of Security Roy Harper (that’s right Speedy/Arsenal has finally made his Flashpoint debut), suggests Green Arrow Industries can be more than just a faceless corporation. They can be a symbol, a hero even.

This is a pretty novel idea, and after tragedy strikes at the Green Arrow Industries private island, one Oliver decides it’s worth following through. The tragedy is pretty cool and gives away the status/situation of yet another DCU hero.

Of all the Flashpoint Tie-ins so far, this is one where I would really like to see more. A one-shot is not enough for this story, but I can hope Green Arrow Industries will pop in other tie-ins or even the main Flashpoint title.

Because anyone is fair game in the Flashpoint, this book has some great twists and turns. It is really well written and the pace is nothing short of breakneck. I think what really adds to the story in this case is the amazing artwork. Marco Castiello and company really do a great job capturing all of the subtlety of Pornsak Pichetshote’s words. This book is definitely one to check out, you won’t be disappointed. Especially when you find out what the answer to “what is the Green Arrow”?