It may not be much, but fans did get a slight glimpse at things to come with Ben Affleck’s Batman cowl and cape from ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice‘ put in an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con International.  Obviously, the pop culture mecca has just started, so expect more reveals as the weekend goes on.  But for now, we get this.

You can check out a 360 degree view in the Vine video below:

The most notable thing about this version of the Batcowl is that the ears are very noticeably shorter than previous takes.  Also, if you look at the lower parts of the cape, you’ll notice that it isn’t scalloped as most previous versions have been.  (I’m not sure what the story is behind the other masks and capes in the background.)

It is black.  Unfortunately, we don’t get a shot of the Batman union suit.  Rumor has it, that it will be gray, making it closer to the version from the comics than we’ve seen in decades.

As for how this will look onscreen, Zack Snyder tweeted this close up of Ben Affleck wearing the cowl:

Perhaps more will be unveiled over the weekend.  This is the biggest event when it comes to genre movies and TV of the year.  I would certainly expect more reveals when it comes to DC/Warner Brothers next major event which is intended to kick off a new shared cinematic universe.

But what do you think so far?  Impressed?  Or should those ears be taller?

Source: Comic Book Movie