Well it looks as if William Sadler (‘Iron Man 3′,’Machete Kills’) is set to join The CW’s next DC hit ‘The Flash‘ and we now know which character they plan to have him as – the villainous Simon Stagg. Sadler has been on a ton of televison and films over the years and this is somewhat of a return home to him. One of the two stations that went away in the merger that ended in The CW was The WB where Sadler portrayed Sheriff Jim Valenti on ‘Roswell‘ and will again be working with David Nutter on the project. So who is Simon Stagg you might ask?

Stagg is the CEO of Stagg Industries which is one of the major corporations in the DC universe. While you might think that it’d be more fitting to see him on ‘Arrow’ with corporations playing a big role, it’s safe to say we should get one in ‘The Flash’ as well which most likely wouldn’t be Lex Corp or Wayne Enterprises. Of course, he also has already been mentioned in ‘Arrow’ so it should not be a surprise that he’ll be popping up there.

Stagg indirectly was responsible for the origin of the superhero Metamorpho when he tried to prevent the man from dating his daughter. I wonder if this will be a hint towards his being introduced here as well?

Are you excited to see Sadler joining the cast of ‘The Flash’? Do you think this could lead to the introduction of Metamorpho or some how bring Black Canary into the show as they’ve crossed paths before? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Blastr