‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ and the Dark Horse crew are entering the realm of comic books! The hilarious franchise known for riffing on our favorite films and TV shows is coming to comics in a new series titled ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Comic.’ Simple, yet effective!

The comic series will be led by original ‘Mystery Science Theater’ host Joel Hodgson, and the rest of our favorite characters will join him as Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, and Gypsy will take to riffing on some of the most popular comic series!

The series will have six-parts and will launch with two covers. The first cover is drawn by Todd Nauck, while the other shows off the artwork of Steve Vance who also created the covers for ‘’Shout! Factory’s Mystery Science Theater 3000’ DVD and Blu-ray collections. Take a look at the covers below:

Check out the official description for the series:

“The riffing hilarity loved by fans of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ since 1988 is
taking on a whole new medium…comics! Created for comics by series creator Joel Hodgson, Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Comic finds Jonah Heston, Crow T.
Robot, Tom Servo, and Gypsy thrust into the 2-D world of public domain comics,
with riffing as their only defense! But trust us, these comics have it coming. Featuring
a variant cover by longtime MST3K DVD artist Steve Vance (among others), ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Comic’ is a perfect companion to your favorite original
episodes and the hit Netflix show!”

The series recently found a new home on Netflix following a successful crowdfunding campaign and has already been given a second season on the streaming service. The original show was created by Hodgson in 1988 with the premise of a janitor being trapped by two mad scientists and being forced to watch B movies. To help keep himself sane, he developed robot companions to accompany him in riffing on the films he had to watch.

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Comic’ issue #1 hits shelves on September 9 and is available for pre-order at participating comic shops!