A week before the start of San Diego Comic-Con International, Joe Quesada, something of a regular, appeared on Comedy Central’s ‘The Colbert Report’.  Host Stephen Colbert is a Captain America super fan and has previously grilled Quesada over the character’s death following the ‘Civil War’ storyline.

This time, Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief was there to make another announcement. After Steve Roger’s sudden aging, a new hero would be picking up his shield.  There’s been speculation as to whom, considering that Cap has worked with several partners over the years and some have even donned the iconic costume themselves.  But this time, it’s a first… Sam Wilson, The Falcon.

Sam Wilson hold’s the distinction of being comic’s first mainstream African American super hero.  (Preceding him was the Black Panther who was African but not American.)  He co-headlined Captain America’s comic throughout the seventies, served as an Avenger sporadically and has headlined his own book off and on through the years.

But his closest association is as one of Captain America’s closest allies.  He originally flew thanks to a harness given to him by Black Panther, which were recently upgraded to laser wings.

On his show, Colbert deadpanned:

“I don’t have to tell you that the world is falling apart under Barack Obama’s leadership.  We’re losing one of our greatest leaders, Captain America. He won our hearts back in 1941 by punching Hitler in the face!  Unfortunately, Cap’s days of protecting America are numbered.”

He explained that Cap had lost his “super serum” and had aged 65 years, then joked:

“Meaning his new super serum will be Ensure.  With Steve Rogers brought low there’s a huge void in the Captaining of America. Who among us is prepared to step in?”

Quesada then stepped out and presented Colbert with a Cap replica shield before unveiling an illustration by Kris Anka, depicting Wilson as both The Falcon and the new Captain America.  He then offered Colbert the role as Sam/Cap in the movie franchise.

It appears to be a mix of Cap’s classic uniform with the more recent “winged” star chest logo, seem recently in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’. But his mask is similar to his classic Falcon, open on the top and with goggles, implying he will keep his flight abilities.  Maybe just call them “American Eagle Wings” instead?

Sam Wilson adopts the identity of Captain America in ‘Avengers’ #35.  You can view the cover below:

We all know this is temporary, right?  But for the time being, what do you think about Sam Wilson getting his turn in the role as the Star-Spangled Avenger?

Source: Newsarama