The long in-development ‘Powers’ TV series, based on Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s long-running comic book series about police officers living in a world with actual super heroes (and villains) is once again moving forward.  Originally, the rights to the comics were licensed for a movie, with that never coming to fruition.  Just a few years ago, the plan was for FX to air a TV series and a pilot was even shot, based on a script by comic creator Bendis with Jason Patric in the lead role.  Scripts were ordered, but the show was plagued by re-shoots and re-castings and in 2012, all actors had been released from their contracts.

Now the show appears to be back on, in an unlikely format — on Sony’s Playstation Network.  With all the success that Netflix is having with original series, we’re truly expanding beyond strictly getting our TV shows on an actual TV.  The first episode will stream for free, with PSN subscribers able to view the entire 10-episode series at no charge.

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British director David Slade will helm the first two episodes.  Slade directed the movies ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’, ’30 Days of Night’ and ‘Hard Candy’ but has most recently been working in the realm of television on series like ‘Breaking Bad’ and most recently ‘Hannibal’.  Slade was set to reboot ‘Daredevil’ but the project stalled and the rights reverted to Marvel Studios.

The comic book series, originally published by Image Comics and later Marvel Comics, follows the exploits two detectives, rebellious Deena Pilgrim and Christian Walker, who operate in a gritty world populated with real super heroes and villains.  Beneath these heroes glossy veneers, we eventually come to realize these mighty beings are severely flawed and even corrupt at times.  And both detectives, it turns out, have their own dark secrets.

The live-action series is slated to begin in December (just in time for everyone to get a new Playstation if you don’t already have one) and reportedly, casting is currently underway, although no specifics are known as of yet.

Are you excited to finally see ‘Powers’ brought to life?  Or are you skeptical that this may still not happen?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter