Kevin Smith is certainly diving headfirst into the Arrowverse over on the CW, and the fans are loving it, almost as much as he is. After the rousing success of his first directorial foray into ‘The Flash’ season 2, Smith will be back to direct episode 7 of ‘The Flash’ Season 3 titled ‘Killer Frost,’ and more exciting, he will be directing the 9th episode of ‘Supergirl’ this season, titled ‘Supergirl Lives.’ Yep, the script title is a direct homage to the almost-made ‘Superman’ film of the 90s that Kevin Smith wrote a draft of, hence why he is the perfect man to direct the episode, as least according to the decision of the creative forces behind the show. As for Smith himself, he seems super-excited, even if he is a little awed by the scope of the episode:

supergirl-kevinsmith-scriptpage-205428“I just read this script for the Supergirl episode I’m gonna direct and I LOVE IT!!! It is filled with deep-cuts characters from some of my favorite stories in the DC Comics canon and it reads bigger than anything I’ve ever directed before – even Dogma! So naturally, I’m TERRIFIED. This material is way above my pay grade: the kind of stuff I’ve loved watching my whole life but never tried to make myself. It’s pure comic book and science fiction fantasy and it reads like it should look like a 70’s album cover. In a very First World way, this is scaring the sh-t out of me. So that’s gotta be the best reason to do it, right? I should challenge myself and try to do something outside of my comfort zone. Plus, it’s not like I’m gonna be alone: armed with a spectacular script, I’ll be surrounded by the incredible cast & crew of one of my favorite shows – and they make magic every week. So what I lack in vision and ability I’ll try to make up for with boundless fan-girl enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Thank you Andrew Kreisberg & Greg Berlanti for the misguided belief I can pull this off. I’ll try to let you down gently. Up, up and away…”

Now, granted, Kevin Smith gets very easily excited by most things DC and comic-book related, so some of his enthusiasm might be a bit over the top, but I think in this case, with the quality that ‘Supergirl’ has consistently brought to the screen, we should all be equally excited about this episode. With Smith on board to direct and the kind of stories a title like that might be hinting at, we might see some truly special on ‘Supergirl’ in the near future, and I cannot wait to see it. What are your thoughts on Kevin Smith directing ‘Supergirl Lives?’ Do you have any theories on what it might be about? Feel free to share those thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Kevin Smith Instagram

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