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WARNING: ‘The Flash’ Season 2 SPOILERS Ahead!

With the premiere of the Arrowverse on the CW just about a month away, it is time for fans to start preparing themselves to return to the comic-book world, and make sure they are all caught up going into the new seasons. Luckily for fans of ‘The Flash’ (which should be most, it is easily the best of the CW/DC shows right now), a new supercut recap has been released, which catches one up on all of the most important plots lines and events of Season 2 to help get you ready for the events of Season 3 with the Scarlett Speedster.

The trailer does a pretty amazing job of hitting all the major plot points of the season, even smaller beats like Cisco discovering his powers, Caitlin’s romantic entanglement with Jay Garrick, Joe West meeting his unknown son Wally West, and meeting Harrison Welles of Earth 2, though the recap mainly focuses on Barry’s ongoing trouble with Zoom and the super villains they encountered last season. Despite how much they do cover, there are some things left out such as the death of Barry’s father (at the hands of Zoom), and most importantly, the fateful final decision of Barry last season where he travelled back in time and saved his mom from the Reverse Flash (during the season finale), thus setting off the events of ‘Flashpoint,’ which will be dealt with at the beginning of Season 3.

Check out the recap for yourself below, and then let us know your thoughts on how thorough it was or was not, and your own opinions, theories and/or excitement for the return of Barry Allen and company in ‘The Flash’ season 3 when it premieres in October!

Source: Screen Rant

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