It’s the news that Whovians have been waiting months to hear! BBC America has finally announced the premiere date for the eighth season of ‘Doctor Who.’ Mark your calendar as the Twelfth Doctor will begin making house calls on Saturday, August 23 at 8:00pm ET/PT.

In addition to this exciting news, a new teaser trailer and some information about the first episode have been revealed! First the teaser:

The season premiere episode will be titled ‘Deep Breath’ and you can see, Clara will be taking quite a few of them as she figures out how to deal with this new incarnation of the man she’s been travelling with. On the other hand, the Doctor is still doubting himself and is questioning whether or not he is a good man. Show runner and executive producer Stephen Moffat has promised that this season of ‘Doctor Who’ will change the way the Doctor (and ultimately the show) will be seen. Whether that is a good thing or not, we won’t know until the season starts, but if we go by the casting of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor alone, then Whovians are in for a wonderfully wild ride!

Returning to the series will be Jenna Louise Coleman as Clara as well as Samuel Anderson who plays Danny Pink, a teacher at Coal Hill School – the same school Clara was seen teaching at in ‘The Day of the Doctor. Rumor has it that he will be joining the Impossible Girl and the mad man in a box along with his sister. Hm.. 2 teachers and a student going on adventures in the TARDIS with the Doctor? Sounds vaguely familiar, don’t you think?

While the season will be 1 episode short (12 episodes instead of the usual 13), it was stated that the first episode will be “feature length.” While I doubt that means fans will have a 2 hour premiere episode, it is feasible that it will run 1½ hours.

Lastly, while the cast of ‘Doctor Who’ won’t be at Comic Con this year due to the filming schedule of the show, Capaldi and Coleman will go on a world tour to promote the series prior to the show’s season premiere. The Doctor Who World Tour will be begin in Cardiff, Wales and span five continents and seven cities in twelve (get it? Twelve?) days. They will be appearing in New York on August 14th. Sorry West Coast Whovians. No plans for the two to visit this time around.

So get ready for a new season and a new Doctor when ‘Doctor Who’ returns to BBC and BBC America on August 23rd!