Continuing on from the mess we saw the Guardians of the Galaxy in from issue #15, we don’t apparently have to wait long to see how all of the stories are going to play out. While for the most part we do still see our heroes separately, in this issue progress is made and by the end a resolution to each of their lone tales.

First I really have to say that after a few issues of different artists being used that we finally have a return to the look that made this book fun to read. Bradshaw and Marquez really have put together some amazing panels and you are going to love the action sequences that are found within! Bendis is also on his game here and while there is a lot going on, it’s all handled well and doesn’t feel like information overload or that any of the characters are being overly ignored on page, aside from maybe a lack of Rocket, though the reasoning behind that is solid.

The following are spoilers of what ends up happening in the issue so if you don’t want to know, skip this paragraph! With the Guardians split up there are a lot of stories going on at once. Star-Lord made a daring leap to his death and is saved by Captain Marvel who is teased on last issue’s cover and the entire populace of his father’s empire sees them square off. We see Agent Venom captured by the Skrulls who hint at finding out more details about the symbiote that to this day still remains a partial mystery. Rocket, already being disected is saved at the last moment by a change of heart. Angela comes in to save Gamora who was preparing for the end, and Drax? Drax gets to challenge his captors, specifically Gladiator, to a trial by combat to the death who finally takes him up on the offer.

While not the best issue, it still had its shining moments and we had some great girl power saving the day for two of our heroes. We’re one issue away from seeing how the problems our Guardians are facing play out, though I suspect most of it will be tightly sealed up by the end of next issue. While I’m enjoying seeing our heroes on their own individual quests for freedom, I feel that they are more interesting as a team. Hopefully everything is wrapped up soon so that we can get the team back together just in time for some ‘Original Sin’ to see what really happened to Nova, Star-Lord, and Thanos and why only two of them were able to make it back to the standard 616 universe. I’d hate for this to be a lingering plot line that we have to go back to after the crossover issues.

I’m going to be honest here. As much as I want to see this play out I’m really more excited to see what secrets are revealed in the ‘Original Sin’ crossover. I’ve been dying to know what happened to the three of them ever since they returned! Well, since the two returned.


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Nick Bradshaw