twin-peaks-Sherilyn-FennShowtime’s ‘Twin Peaks’ revival just got a little more interesting as David Lynch has cast his muse Laura Dern onto the series and will be bringing back Sherilyn Fenn’s character! Interestingly enough Dern has signed on for the role of someone we know quite a bit about from Agent Cooper but had never seen on screen. That is, she’ll be playing his secretary Diane! Not only that, Fenn is returning to reprise her role as the sultry Audrey Horne! I’m curious to see if her character will still be quite the femme fatale that she used to be or if growing older will have changed her.

It might only be two casting announcements but they are two fantastic ones to hear!

laura-dernWith Dern joining the cast this will be a reunion of sorts for her and Kyle MacLachlan as they previously worked together as investigators in Lynch’s 1986 murder mystery ‘Blue Velvet’. Dern is often thought of as Lynch’s muse and has also worked with the famed director in ‘Inland Empire’ and ‘Wild at Heart’. While this is happy news, it should come as no surprise that Lynch has found a way to bring his favorite actress into the work that he is most known for. I highly expect that Diane is going to be a major character in the upcoming season.

New casting aside, fans of ‘Twin Peaks’ will be thrilled to see the return of Fenn’s Audrey Horne. She is only the second returning cast member to have officially been announced so far and with filming already underway and her shooting schedule with ‘Shameless’ it almost seemed that this was a return we wouldn’t be seeing happen.

Are you happy to hear that Sherilyn Fenn is making a comeback on the ‘Twin Peaks’? Do you feel that Laura Dern will make a perfect addition to the cast? Share your thoughts below!

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