SPOILER ALERT: This article contains some mild SPOILERS for the upcoming Season 13 of ‘Supernatural’ so proceed with caution.

“God, we need your help,” Dean says, in the new extended trailer for ‘Supernatural’ Season 13.  After last season, the Winchesters are recovering from a hard-fought victory which cost them dearly with the sacrifices of Castiel and Crowley.  Lucifer was sealed in the apocalyptic parallel dimension, along with that world’s version of Mary Winchester. But Lucifer’s son, Jack has been born and grew into a teenager in minutes and his actor Alexander Calvert has been added to the main cast as a series regular.

You can check out the new trailer (which is honestly just a slightly lover version of the previously released clip), then stick around for a few mild teases/spoilers after that:


What else can be expected from Season 13?  For starters, Cas is likely to return fairly quickly.  For starters, Misha Collins himself stated: “I think we will see Cas again, but the question is, what [does this death do] to him?  That is, I think the one to wonder about.”

This summer, Jared Padalecki let slip that Cas will be back for the animated ‘Scooby Doo’ crossover episode when he accidentally spilled “We did all the dialogue.  Jensen and Misha and I.”

Sadly, the truth can’t be said of Crowley.  Mark Sheppard tweeted a farewell message which reads, “So to all my #spnfamily everywhere… my crew and my fellow storytellers… thanks for the ride. Time for something new. Even when I lose…”

He later reiterated, “NO plans to have me return to SPN at ANY juncture”.

Though details haven’t been revealed, Lucifer and Mary are expected to return at some point, but it’s unclear for how many episodes.

In other news, ‘Supernatural’ is up to 264 episodes.  At 13 seasons, it’s one of the longer running shows on TV at this point and it’s still doing well in the ratings and generating even more money thanks to licensed merchandising.  But can it go on forever?  It seems that the two stars have an endgame in sight and it’s closer than fans might hope.

Padelecki said:

“When we get to 300, I think Ackles and I will think it might be time to say bye.  There’s a chance that changes, but we certainly do not take it for granted that we’re going to make it to 300.”

‘Supernatural’ won’t hit this milestone until Season 14, but that should be an achievable goal if things remain as steady as they have been.  But even so, producers are laying the groundwork for a new project that could either be a companion series or a replacement.

Back in 2014, an attempt was made to create another spin-off from the show, ‘Supernatural: Bloodlines‘, but that show didn’t happen.  But creators are trying again, with a show that will be called ‘Wayward Sisters’ which will focus on Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) “training a group of women, orphaned thanks to a mysterious, otherworldly force, into a monster-fighting squad.”  Will this succeed where ‘Bloodlines’ didn’t?  That remains to be seen.

‘Supernatural’ Season 13 kicks off on The CW on October 12th at 8pm EST.