Oh surprise, Kevin Smith has an opinion.  Just kidding!  The famed director/podcast host has been in the know in terms of DC’s upcoming movies, including the currently in-production ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ but even he seemed thrown by the abrupt casting of ‘Game of Thrones’ star Jason Momoa as Aquaman, the King of Atlantis.  While appearing on the ‘Hollywood Babble-On’ podcast, the director seemed genuinely startled by the news of Momoa’s casting.

This is what Smith had to say:

“Well, I think most people of course when they think of f****** Aquaman, they think of the traditional cartoon version, but the current version or incarnation is he’s a badass king of the seven seas, a warlord to some degree. So I could see where they would get away with casting this dude.”

Many people’s opinions of Aquaman seem to be derived from the ‘Superfriends’ cartoon from the 70s-80s, on which Aquaman had limited use.  But since coming back to life in ‘Blackest Night,’ the character has proven to be quite a powerhouse and a central figure in the Justice League and the DC Universe as a whole.

The fact remains, however, that Momoa doesn’t actually look like the traditional illustrations of Aquaman, in other words, blond and blue eyed.  Smith also responded to that:

“Yeah, I’d buy it. Will they blonde his hair, you think? It’s awesome. Think about it dude, they use to make fun of Aquaman all the time. Aquaman, he only talks to f****** fishes. F****** say that to that dude’s face.”

So we may get a darker variation of Aquaman, but he will be badass at the very least.  Many people don’t get that “Talking to fish” is just one of his super powers.  He’s also mostly bulletproof, can leap great distances and has incredible strength and fighting ability.  I mean, that trident isn’t just for show.

Wonder Woman is supposedly going to play a larger part in this movie, but still including Aquaman and Cyborg is a big step toward bringing the larger DC Universe to the big screen.

So what do you think?  Is Jason Momoa a good choice to portray Aquaman?

If you want to check out the entire Hollywood Babble-On podcast, check it out below:

Source: ComicBook.com