After the trials and tribulations of bringing Nightcrawler back from the dead, we had the first major story arc come to a close in “Amazing X-Men’ #6. Before we jump into an entirely new story, we are getting a filler issue by Kathryn Immonen instead of a direct passing of the writing torch from Jason Aaron to Chris Yost.

A filler issue you cry in agony? I know, I know. I almost felt the same way. That is, until you see that it’s a filler issue with Firestar, Iceman, and Spider-Man! (The real Spidey not Doc Spidey.) Anyone who didn’t see this as a potential crossover a mile away clearly isn’t familiar with the history of Firestar who was actually created on a Spider-Man cartoon and not in the comics she now resides. (History 101: Look up the cartoon ‘Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends’ for more!)

So of course she knows Spidey and has wisecracks, Iceman knows Spidey and wisecracks, Parker is himself again (which he constantly has to remind them of in this issue) and these three together? One huge dialogue fest of hilarity is set to ensue. But what could bring these three together? I’m sure Iceman got assigned snack duty and Firestar, who has the biggest crush on him in the world, volunteered to help out. So where does Spidey fit in? Well, he is out and about in their neck of the woods chasing an alien baby that stumbled upon the two mutants.

An alien baby? Sure. Why not?  That fits here and honestly it is really just background noise for moving the banter between these three forward, even if the majority of the time our X-Men friends are trying to stop Parker since they clearly think he is still a little on the crazy super-villain side of things. Thankfully, that part didn’t last too long as it felt forced, but the rest of the issue was pure comedic gold — even the diaper joke which wasn’t a necessity ended up working great!

If you are looking for a huge mutant fest, you’ll get a shot of Wolverine at the end (because why wouldn’t he get a cameo?) and quite a few mutants mentioned. This one,though, is all about the three knuckleheads through and through. Major story arcs? Not here. All around humor and a fun read? That is exactly what you’ll find here.

After the serious tones of the X-Men as of late and finally having their soul returned to them (in the resurrection of Nightcrawler who now apparently has lost his), it feels good to have some lightheartedness going on. Honestly, I’m curious going forward if this is a sign of things to come. While the series did deal with Heaven, Hell, and the soul, it did give everyone their favorite swashbuckler back. Could his humor and carefree spirit be a focus on what we’ll be reading or is it right back into the fray of everything else going on in the mutant universe. I suppose we’ll see next issue!


Writer: Kathryn Immonen
Artist: Paco Medina