After a long delay due to financial issues, ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4 is finally almost ready to arrive.  Syfy has released a new trailer, which announces that S4 will arrive on Sunday, July 26.  In addition to giving Earpers a glimpse of what’s in store on the series, the trailer also delivers a heaping of love to the outpouring of support they gave the series when studio IDW Entertainment (which also publishes the ‘Wynonna Earp’ comic book) hit a financial snag which delayed the production of the latest installment by several months.  The new season’s tagline is “Fight Like An Earper!”

Check it out below.  (Warning, due to language, it is NSFW.)

After seemingly breaking her family’s curse in S3, Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) must continue the fight to save the town of Purgatory and all her loved ones without her faithful firearm, Peacemaker.  Joining her on her adventures will be Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp, Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday, and Katherine Barrell as Nicole Haught.

Unfortunately, while fans should rejoice at receiving a new batch of episodes, this will not be a full season.  Production on S4 had to halt earlier this year, due to COVID-19 shutdowns.  So there are only six new episodes ready to air.  The mid-season finale will air on August 30.  Production will resume in Calgary, Alberta, Canada when the coronavirus allows it.

But as a bonus, Entertainment Weekly has released two new photos featuring the main cast.  There are no real spoilers, as the pictures are fairly neutral.  But check out the cast below:


Vacation is over, a**holes!” What better way to welcome back this group of oddballs … even if there seems to be a bit of an existential crisis brewing under the surface of this fan-forward trailer. While the infamous Earp Curse is broken, Wynonna still has to rescue everyone, save the town, and fight “her most diabolical, Earp-hating enemy yet.

Once again, the first of six new episodes of ‘Wynonna Earp’ will be released on Sunday, July 26 on Syfy.