In the spring of 1992, an untested publisher called Image Comics released its first comic. That comic was the first issue of ‘Youngblood’. Created by Rob Liefeld, ‘Youngblood’ follows a high-profile team of government sanctioned superheroes. Over the years, the series has featured work from a murderer’s row of comics creators, including the likes of Alan Moore, Kurt Busiek, and Mark Millar. While the series has sometimes followed a more turbulent path than other early Image stalwarts like ‘Spawn’ or ‘Savage Dragon’, twenty five years is a big deal to say the least, and it’s already becoming clear that Liefeld plans to make a big splash for the anniversary.

It was in that spirit that Liefeld took to Facebook to post the following announcement:


From his website:

A short while back I penned this Youngblood screenplay, it was a story that I wanted to tell, it was a tale I’d been sitting on for years. This is my vision of what a Youngblood movie would look and how it would feel like. I know that fans who have loved Youngblood through the ages are certain to be thrilled by some if not many of the beats throughout this script. This has not been exposed at the studio level and that is certainly not the purpose here. This is for YOU! It costs me nothing to give this to you as a free pdf, something created and written for the most extreme Youngblood die-hards !!!

So as we mount a new direction for Youngblood at the hands of a new age of talented comic book creators, I figured I’d share this with all of you wonderful fans who put Youngblood at the top of the charts those many years ago and have clamored for it ever since. It is very likely I’ll adapt this script as a graphic novel in the very near future, wether providing the art myself or with a fresh new illustrator that can crash the pages with the same raucous energy and style as my partners and I did when we gathered together to launch our little Image comics line in the summer of 1992!

Looking forward to your feedback and commentary!

Liefeld’s complete ‘Youngblood’ script can be e-mailed to you here.

Liefeld has also within the past month announced his plans to develop a new ‘Youngblood’ series with artist Jim Towe and writer Chad Bowers. The series is planned for a 2017 debut, and little has been announced so far. However, based on Liefeld’s statement that the screenplay represents how he might launch ‘Youngblood’ if he were given a do-over, it could well provide some insights into the shape the upcoming series will take.

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