In the first issue of the new ‘Moon Knight’ series, we were introduced to a more Batman like form of the character. The second issue gave us a more classic action filled take on the character. This one? A little bit of Column A and a little bit of Column B as we see Mark Spector going around in his customized limo and laying down the law. The supernatural law that is.

Warren Ellis has once again proven that he is the man to write this series. I’m almost annoyed seeing Moon Knight pop up in the ‘Original Sin’ crossover that is going on as he felt out of character from what Ellis has been writing. At any rate, we start off by following Marc as he patrols the city for villainous activities that he can fight. He comes across one quickly but almost instantly he is put in his place as it is a ghost that is having its way with him. Not just any ghost either, but what looks to be a group of 80s punk gang banger ghosts who have been long gone from the world and are now terrorizing the innocent populace.

After having his collective behind handed to him, Marc goes back to his home base to plan his next move. His other personalities are strangely quiet though one does speaks up. I’m not sure if it is actually Khonshu, the God who has given him power, or another personality talking, but it reminds him that the ancient Egyptians have fought ghosts in the past and he has been hording a bunch of ancient Egyptian relics and artifacts that he has been purchasing over the years. Oddly enough, he has no memory of doing this. Was it blocked from his head? Was Khonshu using his body to create an armory? Is this a new personality we’re starting to meet? You can never tell with Moon Knight! What you can tell, though, is his new ghost fighting armor looks strangely like the God who advised him on this.

When he goes after the ghosts in the new armor, it is not only able to hurt the ghosts, but it is protecting him as well. Of course ancient weaponry isn’t all he is packing as he uses modern technology to stay close behind those that he is following. It looks like an ancient music box had trapped the souls of these gang bangers when one of them turned on the others. Moon Knight assumes he took them out in regret for the sins he committed in life, though now they were all tormented in continuing them in death.

Declan Shalvey once again brought some amazing art with the new Mr. Knight persona, the new armored persona, and a bit of the classic look all within this issue. His style is perfect for the noir feeling that Warren writes with. I really hope this duo is able to have a long run on the series as each issue is better than the last.

If I had to complain, it would be that there has not yet been an ongoing story arc revealed and each issue has been self contained. Unless we are being fed breadcrumbs about the God being here that I am missing. That being said, it isn’t a true complaint as I love what we’ve been given so far and will keep picking up this title and gushing about it as long as this level of quality keeps hitting the page!

Once again, this is a must buy issue!


Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Declan Shalvey