It looks like Buffy Summers is going back to high school with the new graphic novel ‘Buffy the High School Years.’

During the Dark Horse Classified panel at NYCC, it was announced that writer Faith Erin Hicks and artist Yishan Li will create a new Buffy story that takes place during her tenure at Sunnydale High.

Similar to the ongoing ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Angel & Faith’ comics, Joss Whedon will serve as an executive producer for ‘Buffy the High School Years.’

With the graphic novels, the Buffyverse has expanded far beyond the confines of Sunnydale… and this dimension. Buffy is older of course, and her days of determining if she can balance being on the cheerleading team and being a vampire slayer aren’t as much of a concern.

However, Hicks told the crowd that ‘Buffy the High School Years’ will feel like a “lost episode from season 1 of the show.”

Years back, there were plans to make an animated series that takes place during Buffy’s years at Sunnydale High. This project never happened, but the designs were used for “After These Messages… Well be Right Back!”– a one-shot in the ‘Season 8’ comic when Buffy has a dream where she’s back in high school.

“After These Messages…” is a nostalgic read for any Buffy fan. Characters from the earlier seasons (Cordelia, Joyce and Angel) make appearances. The poignant evolution of Buffy and the Buffyverse really hits home with readers. With that in mind, perhaps seeing Buffy back in high school is a smart choice on the part of Dark Horse.

‘Buffy the High School Years’ is due out in summer of 2016.

Below are some of Li’s character sketches.