We’ve known that the upcoming Scarlett Johansson (‘The Avengers‘, ‘Her‘) film ‘Under the Skin‘ is being released on April 4th, 2014 and we’ve got another new clip to share with you! After being stuck in limbo for a few years the movie is finally getting the interest it deserves.

I mean lets be honest who doesn’t want to see a movie where Johansson plays an alien that seduces men to turn them into her food source? Not only do we see a seductive side of Johansson, but from all early accounts it gives us a great point of view of how an alien species sees humanity which can always be fun. The film is based on a novel by Michel Faber and while she is here to kill humanity she is also becoming attached to our species and is soon going to have to choose between us and her own kind.

Lets be honest, with Johansson’s looks and star power she doesn’t have to do low budget looking science fiction films. The fact that she not only seems happy to do them but makes them look good on top of that always has me wishing she was given more roles where she has a chance to show her acting talent. The fact that more of her roles have fit into science fiction than not really has me enjoying her on screen.

What do you think of the latest clip of ‘Under the Skin’? Is it helping convince you to check out the film? Share your thoughts below!


“Johansson plays an alien on earth, disguised as the perfect aesthetic form of a mesmerizing woman. She scours remote highways and desolate scenery looking to use her greatest weapon to snare human prey — her voracious sexuality. She is deadly efficient, but over time becomes drawn to and changed by the complexity of life on earth. With this new found humanity and weakening alien resolve, she finds herself on a collision course with her own kind. Taking her point of view throughout, the film presents a unique look at our world through alien eyes.”

Source: Coming Soon