After a nine year hiatus, ‘Sin City’ is returning to the big screen with the follow up film ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’. With its unique style, fans loved it and have been dying to see more! Today we’ve got the trailer to show it all to you! Paired once again with Robert Rodriguez (‘From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series‘,’Planet Terror’), Miller has a slew of returning cast members that include Mickey Rourke (‘The Wrestler’, ‘The Immortals’), Jessica Alba (‘Sin City’, ‘Fantastic Four’), Bruce Willis (‘The Fifth Element’, ‘The Sixth Sense’), and Rosario Dawson (‘Death Proof’, ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief’) as well as new characters being portrayed by Eva Green (‘Dark Shadows‘, ‘Penny Dreadful’), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Inception‘) and Josh Brolin (‘Oldboy’, ‘Men in Black 3‘).

While the first movie is nine years old, the events that we will be seeing on screen take place before, during, and after events from the original film. That should quickly explain a few characters you may have questioned seeing. While the main story is handled by Miller’s graphic novel ‘A Dame to Kill For’, you’ll also see a story with Rourke’s character from ‘Booze, Broads & Bullets’ and two additional plots which are titled ‘The Long Bad Night’ which follows Levitt’s character and ‘The Fat Loss’ which will focus on Alba’s character.

Check out the trailer below:

As you can see the style is is similar to the first movie but the changes they made actually make it look even closer to Miller’s violent black and white illustrations from the comics. This is a sequel I’ve been dying to see for quite some time and hope they pull it off and give us the same wild ride the first one did.

After seeing the trailer are you still on the fence for the upcoming ‘Sin City’ sequel or are you counting down the days for August 22nd to hit?

‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ is set to hit theaters on August 22nd, 2014.

Source: ScreenRant