Right now, you may be equating Alfonso Cuaron was the Best Director for his film, ‘Gravity’. However, the sci fi director has a new project in the works and the first two minutes are available online.

Cuaron’s new drama series (which has J.J. Abrams as its executive producer) ‘Believe’ premieres Monday, March 10, on NBC. However, Hulu has the first two minutes of the show available online to hopefully attract a big audience.

‘Believe’ is about a death-row prisoner who escapes jail in order to protect a young girl who has special powers. The show stars Johnny Sequoyah, Delroy Lindo and sci fi fave Kyle MacLachlan.

What do you think of the first two minutes of ‘Believe’? What did you think of Cuaron’s signature long shot after the car accident? Will you be watching this show when it airs?