Lionsgate is stepping up their marketing campaign for the upcoming “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1,’ first with the new trailer and now with 13 new pics they have released showcasing the actors of the film, as well as numerous interviews with those involved. In the Jennifer Lawrence interview, the actress talks about the role of Katniss Everdeen, speaking about why she enjoys playing her:

“… [she is] a dream character. She is the reluctant hero. She is constantly evolving and changing, so even though I play her in four movies, I never get bored”

Lawrence goes on to discuss the look of Katniss that we’ve seen in the new photos and the trailer, explaining that her new Mockingjay look is “scary and intense but feminine at the same time.” She then promised that “everything culminates into something bigger,” which will renew fan fervor about the closing chapters of ‘The Hunger Games’ series, especially if a smart actress like Lawrence is excited and looking forward to where everything is going.

From the pictures seen, the series is definitely going darker, with a much more militaristic feel to the characters. For anyone who has read the series, they are all too aware of where it is all going, while even those who have only followed the movies know that at this point in the series, the “overt” rebellion is basically over, and an actual full-on rebellion has clearly begun, as even the trailer shows the type of warfare that the world of ‘The Hunger Games’ has been plunged into. Also to note is the lack of Peeta pictures, though it might be a simple matter of showing his look might give away plot details, so they held back during this photo op.

Below are low rez versions of the images released, while you can find the high-rez versions and the interviews here.

SOURCE: ComicBookMovie