Colton Haynes‘ role as Roy Harper has been significantly beefed up in season two of The CW’s ‘Arrow’, becoming an ally of Stephen Amell‘s title hero.  Though in the first episode, Amell’s Oliver Queen referred to his sister Thea as “Speedy”, fans of the comics know that Roy Harper was actually the first Speedy and once the character was introduced on the show, it was just a matter of time before the character would take on the role as Oliver’s sidekick.

Just cuz.

Haynes remarked to E! News ” I do have a fitting this week for I don’t know what. They didn’t tell me. I never have fittings ever, so who knows?”  So is Haynes getting a custom made super suit?  Sounds like it, because you can buy red hoodies anywhere.  Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, seriously anywhere.

Haynes further stated “[Roy’s] getting really busy still trying to find Arrow, but at the same time, he is slowly starting to find out who the Arrow is and that it could possibly be Oliver.”

In the comics, Roy Harper was essentially the “Robin” in Green Arrow’s comic strips.  (They had an Arrow Cave, Arrowmobile and Arrowplane, after all!)  But just as Dick Grayson eventually assumed his own identity as Nightwing, Roy Harper graduated from the label of Speedy (a name that never held any real meaning) to Arsenal and later to Red Arrow.  In the comics, Speedy impregnated super villain Cheshire and they had a baby, Lian who was much later killed by writer James Robinson for apparently no reason other than shock value.  (He also had Roy’s right arm cut off in the same reviled miniseries.)  The character is also famous for his struggle with heroin addiction in the comics, a storyline that may or may not be addressed on the show.

So what do you think?  Would Colton Haynes make for a good sidekick for Stephen Amell’s Arrow?  Or do you think Team Ollie is full enough as it is with Diggle and Felicity (and maybe Black Canary)?  Feel free to leave a comment below!

Source Comic Book Movie