Fans went nuts over the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ trailer last week and already the teaser for the ‘Batman V Superman’ trailer, showing Superman unmasking a trussed up Batman has got tongues wagging for the full-length preview that is due later this week.  Your move, ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’.

The third mega super hero epic due next year is said to have a trailer attached to ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and expectations are high for what is said to be the final ‘X-Men’ movie in this particular cycle.  But word has emerged that we may be in for a disappointment.  Footage recently shown to the Italian press sounds exactly like that already shown this summer at SDCC.

The current 38th annual Giornate Professionali di Cinema di Sorrento has been running since November 30 and ends tomorrow and is a major event for the film industry, so 20th Century Fox took advantage to show off their upcoming feature, but even though several months of post-production have taken place, it sounds as if those in attendance were only shown the same footage. Granted, the footage wasn’t released to the public and the attendees of this festival were most likely not at SDCC, so it was likely new to them.  But with the official trailer due in just over a week, fans are worried that the new trailer won’t be all that new.

Here is a description from Giornate Professionali di Cinema di Sorrento, translated via Google, so… it’s a little rough.  Don’t worry, I’ll work through it after you read:

The scene opens on Jean Grey who wakes up from a nightmare, perhaps a premonition.The young Jean Xavier tells his dream, saying: “I have seen the end of the world, there was only death.”

Follow the images very fast which displays the young new mutants. Then, mounted in parallel, on the one hand Xavier speaking with Moira McTaggert, she says that there is a mutant, the first in history, which is like a God and he started it all.

At the same time we see a mighty hooded figure followed by Psylocke and Storm, are looking for mutants and as they walk, the mysterious figure lists the names by which it has been known over the centuries and concludes by saying that the world needs to be changed: “We will build a new world created by the mutants. ” The three run into Magneto asking “cazo Who are you?”, And the eprsonaggio takes off his cap, showing the face of Revelation, as we have seen in the promotional images.

A series of scenes very fast show the beginning of the destruction at the hands of Revelation.

We see the face of Xavier very scared, as she says: “It can control all of us.” Then they are shown two groups of mutants, the one against the other. On the one hand Revelation solleve with the power of thought Xavier on his wheelchair, on the side opposite. Jean Grey screams.

A scene in slow motion of Quicksilver that runs in the hallway of Cerebro.

Mystique comes from Xavier and says: “I came to fight.”

A series of images with shares agitated, then Xavier enters Cerebro and his eyes become blacks and says: “I’ve never felt like this before,” perhaps is owned by Revelation.

The last shot shows Professor X bald.

The first portion reads: “The young Jean Xavier tells his dream, saying: “I have seen the end of the world, there was only death,” which I think should actually read “Young Jean tells Xavier about HER dream.”

Then it sounds like there’s a quick-cut of some of the new mutants in the movie, followed by Xavier talking about Apocalypse to Moira.

I believe where it reads “Revelation” it is meant to read “Apocalypse.”  Perhaps Apocalypse is a word that doesn’t translate well to other languages and he is known as Revelation in Italy?  Just a guess on my part.

I think when it says “Mystique comes from Xavier,” it should say “comes to.”

But at any rate, the description is pretty much shot-by-shot the same footage already shown.

Then again, maybe Fox just didn’t feel like cutting a new preview for this gathering when they already had a perfectly serviceable montage already prepared, that had only been shown once and not released to the general public, including those in attendance here.  Maybe director Bryan Singer is too busy prepping the trailer for its December 18 premier to cut a separate video.  AND maybe Singer and Fox want to really delight fans with a trailer that is 100% new and not spoil that by releasing some of that footage early to industry insiders.

At any rate, the stakes are high as the ‘Civil War’ trailer really delighted fans and many of those same fans are already intrigued by the moody ‘Batman V Superman’ teaser.  Can the mutants measure up?  Something tells me, we won’t be disappointed!

What do you think?  Are you pumped for the ‘X-Men’ trailer?  Of the three, which trailer/movie are you most excited about?

Source: Screen Rant