Finally… Red Robin has returned to the Teen Titans! (Now read that again, but imagine it was in WWE’s The Rock’s voice).  Anyway, Tim Drake has made his return to the Teen Titans and was immediately thrust back into the driver’s seat.

There has been a lot of drama with the Titan’s lately, mostly focusing around the ended relationship of Superboy and Wonder Girl. Ah to be young, super powered and out of love.

Just because there is drama it doesn’t mean the Teen Titans don’t have work to do. As usual they are able to put their problems aside and band together and help Wonder Girl’s mom with the disappearance of her friends.

This leads the team to Pakistan an the ancient ruins of the Indus Valley Civilization, where they meet a potential new team member… Solstice. Solstice is the daughter of the missing couple, so she obviously has a lot invested in finding them safe and sound.

Solstice is interesting to me right from the start. She is almost the anti-Raven (one of my all time favorite Titans) and she is a being of great light and emotion. Solstice is the light to Raven’s darkness, but the emotional levels she is able to broadcast can be very dangerous for the demon in Raven.

Where did Solstice’s parents go? Leave it to Kid Flash to run off trying to impress the cute new girl, with some manipulation from Ravanger of course. In his attempt to impress, Kid Flash finds nothing in a 100 mile radius. Of course that doesn’t mean the ruins are empty of threat.

Separating, the Titans search for answers, looking for traps and other perils. It is Superboy and Red Robin who find trouble first. Leaping into action they are quickly overpowered and Superboy is tossed through several walls alerting the Titans to the danger ahead. This leads to a battle (with a demon), a broken wrist (Kid Flash, who else) and Wonder Girl and her mom being transported away from Pakistan to another dimension through some kind of a portal. And in the next issue… Wonder Girl’s Last Stand!

Teen Titans #93 is a good read and a great jumping on point if you have been away from the Titans for a while. JT Krul is doing a great job writing our favorite young heroes and the addition of Solstice could be very interesting, even it is just a temporary membership.

Teen Titans has always been a pretty fair book when it comes to the battle of the sexes. And always has plenty of powerful female characters taking leadership roles and making the right choices (as opposed to oh I don’t know… the Justice League). Krul is the reason I came back to the Teen Titans and so far I haven’t been disappointed. I also hope Tim Drake’s return to the team is a permanent one because the Teen Titans need a Robin. It’s a moral imperative.