One of the most shocking television announcements to come down the supernatural pike in a while, Paramount has hired Academy Award-winning writer/director Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner, the duo responsible for fan-beloved sci-fi series ‘Fringe‘ to pen the script for a television adaptation of the classic 1990 movie ‘Ghost’.  The original film won the Academy Award for ‘Best Original Screenplay’.

The 1990 movie starred Patrick Swayze as Sam, a kind-hearted man who is killed by a mugger.  His spirit remains behind to help his girlfriend Molly, played by Demi Moore, but he can only be seen by a formerly fraudulent psychic named Oda Mae Brown, in another Oscar winning performance by Whoopi Goldberg (Best Supporting Actress).  The movie was both critically acclaimed and a smash hit with fans, becoming the highest grossing romantic drama at the time.  (It has since been surpassed by ‘Titanic’.)  And who can forget that infamous pottery scene?

Paramount previously attempted to adapt another fondly-recalled movie ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ to a television series, which was not picked up.

To some, this move may sound like sacrilege, but with all of the supernatural hits on TV right now, like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘American Horror Story’ it’s natural to not only jump on the bandwagon but to try and hedge one’s bets by banking on an established brand.  It’s actually surprising that no one has attempted to cash in on this property before now, in some capacity.

Also, keep in mind, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘ was a cheesy comedy movie before it went on to become one of the most geek-tastic shows in history.

So do you think a ‘Ghost’ TV series can work?  How do you think it will differ from the original?  Will you be tuning in?  (I just hope they don’t use ‘Unchained Melody’ as the theme song!)

Source: Screen Rant