In addition to enjoying your favorite movies over and over again on home video, some of the more major motion picture franchises are offering their fans the opportunity to step into the movie thanks to a theme park attraction. Warner Bros. is currently expanding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at various Universal Studios parks, while Disney has plans for ‘Avatar’, ‘Star Wars’, and Marvel heroes like Thor and Iron Man to be added to their parks. But now a new series has volunteered as tribute and could be the next film universe that vacationers flock to from around the globe.

Lionsgate has revealed that they are in talks with two different territories about potentially creating theme park attractions based on Suzanne Collins’ ‘The Hunger Games’. CEO Jon Feltheimer shared the news on a conference call that also featured the company’s quarterly earnings. The executive failed to elaborate on the plans or share any further details, but he did manage to say, “We’re excited about those opportunities and we’re pursuing them.”

There are many possibilities for a ‘Hunger Games’ theme park area or attractions, but I’m fairly certain that the games themselves where young people are forced to kill each other won’t be a part of the experience. Maybe the reaping would be recreated in some way or various activities like identifying edible plants and bugs, tying knots, and archery could be presented as ways to train potential tributes for the games just like Katniss Everdeen. There could even be more ideas hiding in Francis Lawrence’s upcoming film ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’.

No matter what Lionsgate is thinking in regards to expanding the franchise in this way, it’s a bit weird to me that theme park attractions based on ‘The Hunger Games’ are even being considered. As a fan of theme parks, I don’t see Panem lending itself to the entertainment medium as well as Hogwarts, Pandora, or a galaxy far, far away.

While it might not sit right with me, what do you think about ‘The Hunger Games’ becoming a part of a theme park near you? What sort of rides or experiences do think would be included in an experience like this? Share you thoughts and theories in the comments below.

Source: The Wrap