Wow.  Another day, another Nightwing Rumor.  For a character who really has never been an A-Lister due to his former sidekick status, this character’s name has been flying around as if he were the comic book version of Miley Cyrus!  (Well, minus the twerking… not that I would object to that.)  First rumors started circulating that the former-Robin, Dick Grayson, would appear in the feature film ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ and that three actors were in the running for the role.  But could the character be heading for a two-fer and also appearing on TV?

Ex-‘Vampire Diaries’ star Steven R. McQueen tweeted a picture of himself working out, with the caption that he was in “Nightwing training” and tagged ‘Nightwing’  comic book writer Kyle Higgins and ‘Arrow’ executive producer Greg Berlanti and casting director David Rapaport.  Was he just planting the seeds in their minds or is there more to this?

View the tweet below:

As you can see, he’s working a Nightwing tank top in this photo.  (Working it HARD.  Just sayin’!) He followed up that tweet with this one:


One of McQueen’s first roles was on Greg Berlanti’s drama ‘Everwood’ (also starring Emily Van Camp who was born to play Supergirl… Hollywood pay attention!).  Both ‘Everwood’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’ were/are solid hits for The CW, so he’s kind of a resident at this point.  It would be natural for him to transition to another series on the network… why not their biggest current hit?

Considering the other rumored potential Nightwings, I don’t think McQueen is that poor a choice.  And I know that fans would love to see Nightwing make a live-action appearance, either on ‘Arrow’ or in a movie.  It seems like it’s easier to get characters approved for the small screen, so this might be Dick Grayson’s best bet.

What do you think?  Would you like to see Steven R. McQueen portray Nightwing on ‘Arrow’?

Source GreenArrowTV