When I first heard that both ‘Uncanny X-Force’ and ‘Cable and X-Force’ were coming to a close, I had mixed feelings. At the end of a four part crossover entitled ‘Vendetta’, the two books will come to a close and a new one will emerge.

On the one hand I’ve really been enjoying ‘Cable and X-Force’ and even the worst issue of the series so far wasn’t bad by any means. On the other, I’ve yet to be able to get behind the idea of ‘Uncanny X-Force’. They lack any kind of a team dynamic and we’ve seen Storm busy in the regular X-Titles so I’ve felt that it has had too much of a disconnect from the regular Marvel Universe.

So I was torn. I’ve loved ‘Cable and X-Force’ so much that I didn’t want it to end.

Of course that was before I found out that Simon Spurrier was going to be writing the new title simply called ‘X-Force’.

Honestly, that’s all I needed to know. In ‘X-Men Legacy‘ Spurrier has turned my least favorite X-Men into a character whose exploits I can’t wait to find out more about. He’s got a writing style that is perfect for the concept of this series as well!

What we’re going to see happen is something called The Alexandria Incident. The event will cause waves through all of the intelligence communities and damage human/mutant relations once again as 3000 people have died. Cable, of course, sees something in this and immediately needs to assemble a team to deal with this new problem.

Not only is his newly formed X-Force set to figure out who caused the incident and why, he is going to be budding up against all of the intelligence agencies out there. Including a new super human agent “with a very unique — and very dangerous — mandate that connects back to something truly amazing from the wider Marvel canon” according to Spurrier.

I’m getting giddy here!

Spurrier is going back to the original idea of ‘X-Force’ being a violent no punches held book to save mutantkind. It’ll be kind of how the current ‘Cable and X-Force’ is but darker and with more of a military and spy undertone. Clandestine spy styled writing is something I can really get behind!

The new team will consist of Cable, Psylocke, Marrow, and Fantomex. When talking about the series Spurrier had this to say:

“What I’ve taken from those early X-Force episodes is a take-no-prisoners attitude towards action. But I like to think I’ve injected a little post-millennial sophistication, too. This isn’t a steroidal macho-fest: It’s a slick, nasty, oh-so-grim beast that’ll cut your throat and blow up your headquarters before you even know it’s there.”

I didn’t see any word on who would be handling the art yet, but all I could think from the new team look is ‘Metal Gear’ X-Force! While I think Tat Eng Huat’s style has been perfect for the trippy nature of Legion’s mind in Legacy, I don’t think it would be a good fit for this one. While Spurrier and Tat Eng Huat clearly work well together, I hope we see someone else taking on the full series art. We’ll see!

I know fans of the current X-Force runs might be miffed but I’m curious to your thoughts on the new concept and look of the team?

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