Just days ago, Harrison Ford attempted to deflect queries as to his involvement in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’.

But now, rumors are surfacing that Ford will be back, but he had certain demands that he wanted in exchange.  RUMOR has it that Ford agreed to put on Han Solo’s vest… as long as he can also put on the fedora of his other iconic role, Indiana Jones, who was revived most recently in 2008 in ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’.  That movie introduced Indy’s illegitimate son, Mutt Williams, portrayed by Shia LeBeouf, with the intention that the franchise would carry on with Mutt as the main character.  Unfortunately, the movie didn’t live up to expectations and sequel plans were squelched.

The actor was also concerned with how Han Solo would be handled in the upcoming movie… or movies.

Here’s the complete report from Jedi News:

Ford wanted to see the synopsis for his character’s development over more than just Episode 7. He saw this in August and is happy with the story arc.Ford wanted a commitment to Indy 5. He did not get this as there is no plot line or script in place. What did happen was an agreement was made wherein an outline would be developed by the end of calendar year 2014, and if all parties can agree to it moving forward, efforts would be made to move on Indy 5 for release before the end of 2016.Disney wanted a multi film deal with Ford which transcends Episode 7. This has now been agreed.

Whereas the original ‘Indiana Jones’ movies were homages to the classic 1940s action movie serials, the fourth movie, which came almost twenty years after the previous installment, was designed to pay tribute to science fiction epics of the 1950s.  The results were… mixed.

But now writers have almost an entire year to try and recapture the energy and magic of the earlier movies.  How would you revive the ‘Indiana Jones’ franchise?  Back to supernatural tales or carry on with the science fiction angle?  Would you bring Karen Allen and Shia LeBeouf?  Or go in a different direction?

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