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Bryan Singer is “a bit ahead of schedule” on editing the latest ‘X-Men’ movie, which promises to be the most epic of them all, so the director took some time to respond to fan inquiries on Twitter.

One of the things he spoke about in this Q&A, is his promise of “a lot” of new mutants in this installment.  He rattled off “Blink, Bishop, Sunspot, Warpath, Ink, Quicksilver, etc.”  This is in addition to nearly every established X-Men character returning, including two versions of Professor Xavier and Magneto.  How did he feel about tackling this army of super beings?  He describes the experience as awesome, and slightly intimidating.

“I was real comfortable with the original cast and knew the [First Class] cast as a writer/producer but not yet as a director, with the exception of Nicholas Hoult of course — but they were all fantastic and made the experience fun.”

(Singer directed Hoult in the bomb ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’.)  He describes the cast as “great actors who know their characters – who know how to bring them to life.”

Since the last X-Men movie ‘First Class’, one cast member who was practically an unknown at the time, Jennifer Lawrence who played Mystique, blossomed into a full-blown movie star, headlining her own franchise with ‘The Hunger Games’ movies and winning an Academy Award for ‘Silver Linings Playbook’.  As far as Mystique, Singer describes her in this movie as “a much more hardened kick-ass character” which sounds like he’s bridging the gap between the more innocent character from ‘First Class’ and the sophisticated assassin from the original trilogy (played by Rebecca Romijn, who does not appear in ‘DoFP’).

Due to the subject matter (y’know, genocide) Singer states that this film is “a bit darker than the previous films, particularly because of the stakes” but then clarified “There is a great deal of humor.”

The first full trailer will be released tomorrow.  (I know, it sounds crazy that with all the news and photos that have already been released, there hasn’t actually been a real trailer!)  But since they are still editing the movie, don’t expect a lot of special effects.  Singer states that the trailer is “primarily a character piece, as most of our VFX are not yet finished.” Be prepared for some grainy footage to mimic the seventies setting of most of the movie.

Singer did an amazing job bringing the super mutants to the big screen in the first two movies and ‘First Class’ was actually a worthy successor.  (Let’s not discuss ‘X-Men: The Final Stand’ or ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’.)  Could this movie give ‘The Avengers’ a run for its money?  (And I mean that literally.)  Are you excited to see two generations of X-Men onscreen together?  Comment below!

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