‘Doom’ is one of the most iconic first-person shooters of all time from when it was launched in 1993 and the main unnamed hero, who is often referred to as Doomguy, was recently rumored not to be appearing in the upcoming film. Directory Tony Giglio was quick to jump in and say that our hero who wades through demons and Hell to save Earth will indeed be involved.

However, we’re still not sure to what extent.

While the 2005 film featured Dwayne Johnson in this role, it wasn’t the ‘Doom’ that fans knew and loved from the games. Instead of Hell and demons, Johnson’s character was going up against genetic experiments. A slow start and plot that didn’t have to do with preventing Hell on Earth made this one a failure so fans were hesitant when learning that a new movie was in the works with Nina Bergman attached to star.

The fact that the movie is heading straight to home release and that Amy Manson (‘Once Upon A Time’) was the leading actress in the film made fans wonder if we were getting something subpar for a second outing. However, fans of Doomguy needn’t worry at the very least as Giglio did confirm that the rumors were false and he’d be in the film on Twitter:

So while we still don’t know the plot of the film or if Doomguy will be the leading character, at least we know that he’ll be part of the movie.

Are you happy to hear that Doomguy will appear in ‘Doom’? Do you feel that he’ll be the main character or just help push the plot forward to let Amy Manson’s work shine? Share your thoughts below!