Sequel Writer In, Shia LaBeouf Out For ‘Transformers 4’

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Shia in Transformers

I have some bad news for Transformers fans. Well, the bad news is only bad if you disliked the last installment of Michael Bay’s giant robot franchise like I did. For everyone one else who doesn’t think that the Transformers movies have gone extremely downhill since the first one and that ‘Dark of the Moon’ wasn’t boring as all hell, then this is good news.

The Hollywood Reporter (via Collider) is reporting that Ehren Kruger, the co-writer of ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ and sole writer of ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’, has signed on to pen ‘Transformers 4’ for Paramount and Michael Bay. This news comes from Paramount Film Group president Adam Goodman, who also confirmed in the interview with THR that franchise star Shia LaBeouf would be exiting, had this to say about the next chapter of the Transformers story:

‘The story is going in a different direction now. Ehren Kruger is writing it for us, and we’re starting to engage, but I can’t say anything more.’

Goodman’s not kidding when he said “different direction”. This movie is said to be a reboot of sorts with not only LaBeouf exiting, but the entire original, non-robot cast as well.

The bad news is mostly Kruger’s return. It’s said that the new film will be like the last hour of ‘Dark of the Moon’, which means all action, no plot, and less silly humor. This is bad news for me because the third Transformers film was a total waste of time. The plot ended after Act I, and the rest was mindless explosions and robots beating on each other. Some people don’t expect much more from Michael Bay’s movies, but when I go to the theater, I like a good story to go with my action. I basically paid to watch a 25-minute movie and a long, drawn out battle scene that resulted in a nap.

How do you feel about this entirely new direction for ‘Transformers 4’? Are you glad to see Shia go, or are you devastated? And are you excited to see more robots beating on each other for literally an entire movie? Sound off in the comments!

  • Agentofzurg

    I’m stoked!! I loved Dark of the Moon, I felt that the battle scenes where fantastic!! I loved all three movies to be real honest LOL. That ‘s just me though. I understand your point to Ben. I hope the next one doesn’t involve a nap for you!

    • NormalGuy

      Agreed. You haters are wanting way too much from these movies.
      They are supposed to be mindless fun. I see them FOR the epic battles. Who cars about some deep plot that make me have to pay attention. I just want to see cool S**t and have fun.
      That said, all three movies rocked! It’s soo funny…People bag yet these movies make a grip every time. Haters = Fail.

  • Subwoofer

    Looks like Megan Fox was smart about exiting this train wreck when she did….

  • AnOutsider

    Havent been a fan since the first one, but if the box office numbers are any indication, I’m in the minority. Probably won’t watch.

  • Samathiji

    the movies were awesome, yeah they weren’t exactly like the cartoons and they had some elements that could have been better but you idiots need to f off and stop bashing it because you obviously are bias and have no taste or understanding of it so unless you grew up with a knowledge of the series shut the f up and get a life.

    • Fiachsidhe

       I’ve never seen anyone as arrogant, and proud to enjoy pure garbage schlock, in my life. The part about having no taste is THE most ironic thing I’ve ever read. Get a life? You’re on the internet telling people to shut up because you take their criticism of films you like personally. If anyone needs to get a life, it’s you.

  • Jordyn

    I loved Dark of the Moon i’m excited for “Transformers 4″, but i’m sad to she Shia go. Who else is going to help the other humans understand the transformers!?

    • mattyD


  • Tagger575

    It should be focused on megan fox i think

  • stjepan

    I didint like 1st one bcause it was more about Shia gettin laid than transformers. They made it better and better as movies continued. But..removing transformershuman connection is plain stupid…

    • Rawkgg

      I’m waiting to see some Dino bots and insecticons!!! Who’s with me????


    If this is true, I’m so pissed! Ur right the first 2 movies, way better than the third. And I especially hate when they make a movie with out the whole original cast. Even though the 3 movie wasn’t as good, would have been better in they keep megan fox. U could totally tell that scrip was adapted (cut) for her replacement. Now they want to get rid of Shia? Wthf! So not spending my money on taking my kids, on seeing this, they can wait for the DVD this time. The should follow in the fast and furious movies and bring Megan back! Like they hinted to bring “letty” back from the dead. They can write it as if she’d been kidnapped or something. So disappointed if the don’t end these movies with original cast! My little girl is wainting for sam and mckayla to get married! Well that’s my 2cents! And I probably not the only one thinking it!

    • mattyD

      you guys are changing the way i look at Michael bay

  • Craigbeyer

    Do you think they’ll bring back Megan Fox…?

    • Fiachsidhe

      Megan Fox quit, because Michael Bay is a misogynist asshole. She wasn’t fired, she was sick of Bay’s abuse. Why would they bring her back, when she HATES Michael Bay? How could they bring her back? She chose to leave.

    • mattyD

      i hope so

  • Akienuniverse

    The 3rd was the best I think. Bay haters will always be bay haters what you expect from a robot action movie? A fluffy story? Of course full pack action great visuals and that’s what it’s about . Go see beauty and the beast if you want fluffy story or something. Transforrmers always about action and explosions.

    • Fiachsidhe

      Ha! That was great!
      That’s a spot on imitation of a dumb Michael Bay fan! Bravo.
      I especially like the part where you said “Transforrmers always about action and explosions.” I love good satire, well done.

      • JT

        Just because someone enjoys only the visuals and action doesn’t make them dumb. Don’t be such a pretentious douchebag.

    • Andrew

       You know NOTHING about transformers if you say its always about action and explosions.

  • Nbadrum

    I don’t like at all, He in the movie make that there is a human inside the movie. And let me tell you for him, people see in the movie more than visual effects.

  • Sickle

    They should have stopped aftre the first one. This is a really bad move for them.

    • Sickle


  • joshua pabelick

    I might be in the minority here but the whole series has been lacking those far. The story is completely random, they killed starscream and megatron so im not sure who will return for 4, they added random animal/human bots with no explanation how that happened and worst of all when starscream was in the movie he was a whiny punk who never really posed a threat unlike the cartoons where there was always a sense that if opportunity struck he would take over in a second. Overall if they want another transformer movie than scrap the first 3 and start over according to the comic/cartoons.

  • :P

    I think its great :3 haters gonna hate

  • Marvelman357

    I’m devastated to see Shia go because over the years since the first movie they’ve built such a great chemistry between them and I would hate to see that go away and plus imma huge shia fan. by the way the transformers trilogy is great cant wait to see the 4th one. Man haters gonna hate anyway so forget them. Bumblebee and shia forever!!!!!!


    I can not wait for transformes 4
    can u

  • mattyD

    why dose he have to go because it will make no sens for some one else if he goes stop making transformers  

  • Jls7928

    I agree with some of you as that he is not following all of the comic/cartoons, but at the same time how can you sit here and say that you didnt like it after the first one but yet you continue you to watch them? If you didnt like it after the first one the all you are doing is running your mouth and hoping your comment winds up on some tv show….really?? I do however think the story line needs to be a little better this time, but keep on coming with the fight scenes and explosions because that is what and action movie is about.

  • Sasanmaghami

    i believe that this movie is for action lovers and in that term,it really shines,it’s target is to impress the people who like a lot of impressive action scenes with special effects,the story in this movie is really not that important like some action games that have no serious plot,but really impress the player.

  • transformersfreak

    Well look how i not watchin dat movie in a hurry… i will wait until it come out on tv so i hv to spend no money at alll…  besides my fixed bill for the month…..

  • WhosTheMorley

    Honestly just improve the original Transformers & not reboot them. 

  • WhosTheMorley

     If Shia leaves the franchise, it will make a big opening of wanting to know his whera bouts & if he ended up marrying Carly etc.  I feel they should atleast explain important points that we won’t be able to see

    • TweedleDuh

      not to mention the fact Shia’s character was a sort of “Ambassador” to the Autobots, with a guardian, namely, Bumblebee, who in fact is the most popular of all if not THE UTMOST popular one of the entire Trasnformers. how will this pan out without Shia and Bumblebee’s relationship? (as well as since considerably Bumblebee is Shia’s character’s guardian, where will this idea leave Bumblebee be in this next movie? whereas you couldNOT have a Transformers movie without Bumblebee, without explaining this relationship was severed and if so, how could Bumblebee ever allow that to happen, being SO “enamored” with staying with Shia’s character) a simple idea in this is the link that breaking this connection. and in reality makes this just another reboot movie for the reboot category of movies. But then again, all movies now days are just in it for the money and not for the fans. Long as they get a high percentage of the gross income than which the movie was made out of. And long as it SEEMS appealing to the Foolish Eye of sheer Entertainment. Logic is out the window.

  • Soni_lamaslok_u

    la pelicula sin shia :( fomeeeeeeeeeee

  • Stitch83

    I disagree. I thought it was all amazing and going be good.
    The new characters may be lame but the story I think will be really good.

  • Drs123456

    I say that Director Michael Bay, Screenwriter Ehren Kruger and the other film makers should stick with producer Don Murphy’s idea on making a sequel trilogy to the first Live Action Transformers Film Trilogy instead of a reboot. because it would be sad if the franchise was going to start all over again and I thought it would be great if The Live Action Transformers franchise would have the exact same total of films as Star Wars or Harry Potter. Because they both continued in their same continuity from the beginning to the end.