New York Comic-Con is underway this weekend so expect loads of breaking news as the event unfolds.  Having just debuted this week, the new CW series ‘The Tomorrow People’ took the opportunity to present fans with a sizzle reel teasing the upcoming season.

In case you missed it, ‘The Tomorrow People’ tells the story of Stephen Jameson (played by Robbie Amell), a teen who suddenly learns that he’s part of humanity’s next step in evolution.  Stephen meets an underground group of young people like himself, but also encounters a mysterious bad guy, Dr. Jedikiah Price (Mark Pellegrino) who wants to use Stephen against his own kind and eradicate this new form of evolution.  The show is very X-Men-like, with its cast demonstrating such abilities as teleportation (like Nightcrawler) and telepathy and telekinesis ( a la Jean Grey).

The program is executive produced by Greg Berlanti (‘Arrow’), Julie Plec (‘The Vampire Diaries’), Phil Klemmer (‘Chuck’) and Danny Cannon (‘Nikita’).  It is inspired by a UK series of the same name created by Roger Price.  It should be noted, however that the original was made for children and ran during the 70s, so I don’t expect to see many similarities.

Check out the action-packed sizzle reel for a look at what’s in store for the first season:

As you can see, Dr. Price is blackmailing Stephen into working for him against the other Tomorrow People.  But Stephen attempts to outsmart him and work from within to help his kind.  Also, you can see Stephen and Cara (Peyton List) growing closer, while tensions rise between him and John (Luke Mitchell), who, in the first episode, is shown to be in a relationship with Cara.  (It’s aimed a younger audience, so you have to have the requisite love triangle between the girl and a blond hottie and a brunette hottie, right?)

Did you catch the first episode?  And if so, are you planning on tuning in for more?  Do these teaser shots make you excited for what’s in store?  Comment below!

Source ComingSoon