Gale Anne Hurd is best known for her work as the executive producer of ‘The Walking Dead’ and is now set to use her talents on a new project set for Syfy. She will be working with writer Natalie Chaldez (‘Heroes‘) to create the show for a network we clearly love. This 90-minute made for TV movie is based off the novel ‘Alien Hunter’ written by Whitley Strieber.

The story follows Flynn Carroll, a man on a mission. He’s a suspect in his wife’s disappearance but fortunately prior to her gone missing he was a Pennsylvania detective. We follow him as he uses his years of experience and training to not only clear his name but find his missing wife as well. During his investigation, he finds that there are not only aliens on our planet but that they are terrorist cells and are most likely responsible for whatever happened to his wife. He also discovers that the U.S. government has a top secret organization in place just to handle such a menace.

Think ‘Men in Black’ but most likely without any of the humor. Now you know why we’re talking about this project as it’s a film that’ll be right up our alley and sounds like a good mix of drama and science fiction to check out!

Hurd recently sat down and had a chance to talk a bit about the project.

“It’s based on Whitley Strieber, who’s most well-known for Communion. He’s a person incredibly well spoken, incredibly bright and incredibly knowledgeable. He had an encounter, and it changed his life — in good ways and in not so good ways. It’s a work of fiction. Many of the books he has written have been nonfiction, and this is fiction. It’s based on his book ‘Alien Hunter’, and it’s about a police officer whose wife goes missing. And in his search to find out the truth of her abduction, he finds something much more dangerous that could potentially affect the fate of the planet.”

Are you looking forward to another project by one of the driving forces behind ‘The Walking Dead’? Have you read the novel and think it’d be a good for a film conversion? Sound off below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter