Producer Brandon Vietti is busy promoting his newest direct-to-DVD movie ‘LEGO Justice League: Cosmic Clash’, but he did take a few minutes to express his love of one of his many earlier DC animated projects, ‘Young Justice’.  Vietti served as showrunner on the beloved show which ran on the Cartoon Network from 2010-13.

The show recently became available on Netflix and there has been a swelling online movement to encourage the streaming service to revive ‘Young Justice’, a show which ended on a dramatic cliffhanger.

Unfortunately, Vietti didn’t indicate that there were any firm plans in place:

“I don’t know.  That’s the best answer I can give you. I’d be happy to do another one; Greg [Weisman] would be; Phil Bourassa, the character designer. We’d all in a heartbeat come back to do a third season if the Powers-That-Be feel they want to do that.

“I love that world. We were not done telling stories; we had tons of ideas for more seasons ready to go, so yeah, I’d love to get into it.”

Vietti explained the creation process of the show, pinning story ideas to a bulletin board and shuffling them around to suit the overall theme of the seasons.  He indicated that the third bulletin board, for the unproduced third season still exists in the possession of Greg Weisman, in the off-chance the show could be revived.

Technically ‘Young Justice’ only consisted of two seasons but the episodes were broken up and aired over the course of four years from 2010-13.  The final episode ended with the revelation that Vandal Savage, leader of an army of super villains, was not the true brains behind their operation.  After the true mastermind was revealed, the screen faded to black… and that world was never seen again.

Netflix has already revived dormant shows like ‘Arrested Development’ and offers a slew of original animated programming.  Could this be the perfect format to give fans closure?

Vietti revealed that he knew about the online movement to drive streams, which Netflix does monitor.  Voice actor Khary Payton, who voiced Aqualad on the show, is urging fans to use the hashtag #renewyoungjustice to raise awareness.

Are you a fan?  Do you want to see the show renewed with the original talent involved?