“We’re fighting an army of robots…and I have a bow and arrow,” laments Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, in the latest ad for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and indeed, Hawkeye’s average Joe nature has caused many to wonder about his worthiness in standing alongside a super soldier, a high-tech marvel, a gamma monster and a freakin’ god as one of the “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.”

Even Renner seemed in on the joke, as he spoofed his character’s usefulness in an SNL skit shortly after the first ‘Avengers’ came out.

But have you ever stopped to wonder what else this ace marksman might bring to the table?  I mean he looks great in a pair of shades and has the guts to rock a purple costume for starters.  But is there more beyond the surface?  After all, Hawkeye has been the least showcased Avenger so far, having only a brief cameo in ‘Thor’ and spending much of ‘Avengers’ under Loki’s thrall.  Perhaps we just need to look a little deeper.

Fortunately, Hawkeye himself (Renner in full costume) popped up on ‘The Tonight Show’ to literally sing his own praises in a ballad set to the tune of Ed Sheerhan’s inescapable hit ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ in which he unveils for the first time some of the other hidden talents you might not have been aware of.

Watch the clip below:

Opening a pickle jar is nothing to scoff at!  Take that from someone who can’t do it!

But in all fairness, despite the fact that Hawkeye has been something of a cypher in the movies thus far, he is a beloved fan favorite in the comics, for his everyman nature and his smart Alec, anti-establishment attitude, both traits that have been fully showcased in his ongoing solo book, written by Matt Fraction.  Though a sleeper hit, those that have read it, typically love it and it has become one of the most praised runs for a modern super hero comic.

Reportedly, ‘Avengers’ mastermind Joss Whedon is a fan and drew inspiration from this take on the prize archer, peppering his dialogue with sarcastic, self-aware quips and unveiling hidden aspects of his character in an extended sequence in the movie where the heroes must go on into hiding.

Even so, Renner has no problem embracing the foibles of his less-than-super human alter ego and the results are, as usual hilarious.

What do you think?  Is Hawkeye an asset or a liability to this gang of heroes?

Source: Comic Book Movie