Even Robert Kirkman probably would never have guessed that his black and white indie zombie comic book ‘The Walking Dead’ would wind up as a household name, with not just one hit TV adaptation, but two, with the second, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ shambling out this fall.  And then there are all the trading cards, statues, toys, posters, tee shirts and so forth, carrying the zombie message even further.

But all good things have to come to an end eventually, right?  How does Kirkman think his sprawling epic will eventually end?  Will everyone eventually die?  Maybe not.

“I do hope that ‘The Walking Dead’ goes on long enough that when it ends, they’re like, ‘Good thing we took care of those zombies.’…I see the story from beginning to end, over many, many years, and so I think it’s a very hopeful story about humanity overcoming this insurmountable apocalyptic situation. It’s just going to take them a long time to do it.”

So no, relax, Kirkman didn’t spill who lives and who dies.  But he did offer some hope.  How much of a bummer would it be for Rick and Carl to simply lose everybody, find themselves alone and surrounded and then… The End?  Or even worse, to watch the entire surviving cast ripped to shreds?  After all THAT?!

That said, we all know not everyone is going to keep walking.  But the TV series is rapidly bridging the gap with the comic book.  What happens when it catches up?  Not everything on the show happens as it does in the comics.  Could things completely diverge?  That should throw viewers for a loop!

How do you think ‘The Walking Dead’– the comic or the TV show– should end?  Are there characters that just HAVE to make it?  In other words, who needs to keep walking?  And who needs to hurry up and be dead?

Source: Cinema Blend