Many people would consider comic creator and toy mogul Todd McFarlane a visionary, and if you hadn’t already thought that, McFarlane himself looks to prove you wrong with his all new toy building sets based on the hit AMC TV series ‘The Walking Dead’! Todd McFarlane is taking building block sets to places they’ve never been before, with highly detailed hyper realistic playsets that will showcase the places seen in the television series!

“Why can’t there be cool toys for us? People older than 12. So I said I’ll make them myself!” – Todd McFarlane

I know you’re probably thinking, “but Lego has been making complex sets for years based on hit pop culture properties.” And that’s very true! But the new sets that McFarlane is producing are like nothing we’ve ever seen before! They’re all made using realistic textures, so the wood floor boards lok like actual wood floorboards, and the bushes look like an actual bush! You can build your own perfect little diorama or backdrop right in your collection!

McFarlane himself said he’d like to see these building sets expand well past just beyond ‘The Walking Dead’ and into a whole world of McFarlane building sets! “I’d look at building sets and think ‘well these are neat, but why can’t they look realistic? Why can’t they look textured? They can look amazing, and I’ll prove it. You’ll build your own display diorama, and think ‘oh I need a McFarlane Bush’ or ‘I need to find another McFarlane Tree‘, or even ‘I need a McFarlane Cat‘, and you’ll know it’s a McFarlane Cat, because it will LOOK, like a Cat.”

While each individual set makes a complete diorama, all of their parts are interchangeable, so these set’s are made to work together to build huge full diverse worlds for your minifigures to play in!  These aren’t just your standard minifigures either! These 2 inch figures all have highly detailed sculpts to replicate the look of the show’s characters down to the blood and dirt on their clothes! The minifigures will come packed in with sets, but will also be sold in multi-packs and blind-bags so you can expand your collection further! Even with the popularity of McFarlane’s 6 inch scale ‘Walking Dead’ toyline, this new smaller format makes it easier to pump out all of the characters you want at a fast pace!

Todd McFarlane was kind enough to speak to us about these awesome new building sets a few weeks back at NYCC 2014, so be sure to check out the video interview below for the full story!

These sets have just hit Toys R Us Stores this month, with more on the way in the near future! Currently on the market are the ‘Prison Watchtower‘, the ‘Governer Fish Tank Room’, and ‘Daryl with his Chopper’. Be sure to hit your local Toys R Us to find yours today! They are sure to sell quickly and the holiday’s are just around the corner!