It has become a tradition for the anthology series ‘American Horror Story’ to release little short teasers to tantalize (or torment) fans before the season begins. Each teaser has some significance to the story that will unfold, and often times the meaning of the teasers don’t make sense until well into the season. With the October premiere of ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ in a couple months, it’s now time to speculate what executive producer Ryan Murphy has up his sleeve.

Last week we shared the first two teasers titled ‘Detention’ and ‘Pins and Needles’ and now the third, called ‘Staircase’, continues on with the season’s theme and contains the tag line “Misbehave and incur our kind of suspension” . Check it out below:

What we do know about ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ is that it will embody the world of witchcraft and involve “Salem witches fleeing to the South” and ending up in New Orleans. Jessica Lange will be playing a witch names Fiona who Murphy describes as a “powerful, dark, sexy character” and is quite the femme fatale. Sarah Paulson, who, like Lange, has also been in the cast since the anthology first started, will play her daughter Cordelia.

This season will also contain historical characters with an ‘AHS’ twist. Kathy Bates will be playing Madame LaLaurie, based on a real Louisiana-born socialite living in the 1800’s and who was known to be a serial killer for her involvement in the torture and murder of slaves. Angela Bassett will play Maria Laveau who is also cited in history books as a practitioner of Voodoo and well known for her supernatural skills.

If the series follows the same pattern as last year, we’ll have many more teasers to see with an official full length trailer and photos expected to be released next month, so keep checking back here so as not to miss any of the coverage!

‘American Horror Story: Coven’ will begin bewitching fans on Wednesday, October 9th, on FX.