Coming in October, the various Lantern Corps will go “Lights Out” in a special five-part crossover between the Lantern Family of titles.  Beginning in Green Lantern #24 and continuing in Green Lantern Corps #24, Green Lantern: New Guardians #24, Red Lanterns #24 and ending in Green Lantern Annual #2, the wielders of light will face a new deadly threat named Relic… and as teased by DC publisher Dan DiDio, one colored faction won’t make survive the battle.

Speaking to MTV Geek, DiDio, along with co-publisher Jim Lee, revealed “We can tease, one of the color corps are destroyed in the course of the battle that takes place with this character that we’ve introduced called Relic.  He actually destroys one of the corps, also…”


“…the [Green] Power Battery.”  Lee then laughed, “We’ve crossed over from tease to reveal.”  Did he just spoil the ending of “Lights Out?!”  Does the destruction of the Power Battery spell the end of the Corps?  Or will the Green Lanterns somehow carry on, after another Corps falls?

DiDio elaborated that he thought it would be interesting to explore what would happen if the Green Lanterns began to lose power.

If you aren’t already familiar with the various Corps, here’s a quick rundown, along with the likelihood of their demise.


Powered by Rage, the Red Lanterns powers manifest as red “blood” spewing from their mouths.  They were recently joined by former hot headed Green Lantern, Guy Gardner.

Odds of destruction: 3/7 – They have their own book and Guy has a loyal following.  They… well at least their Corps as a whole, is safe.


Powered by Avarice (Greed), up until now, there was only one real Orange Lantern, the Gollum of the DC Universe, Larfleeze.  The wacky character was such a hit, DC just gave him his own series and he will be adding additional members of his Corps.

Odds of destruction: 2/7 – His book will only be on its fourth issue when this crossover happens and it’s not even included in the event.  Orange is safer than Red… maybe the safest of all, actually.


Better known as the Sinestro Corps, these menaces are powered by Fear.  They don’t have their own book, but Sinestro is Green Lantern/Hal Jordan’s most famous foe.

Odds of Destruction: 4/7 – They may lose a few members, but at least Sinestro himself will survive.


Powered by Will, these are the most famous Lanterns and the Corps around which the others rally.  They’re the anchor of the entire franchise.

Odds of Destruction: 1/7… unless DiDio’s slip that the Power Battery was being destroyed was actually the reveal that the GL Corps was about to fall.  In that case 7/7!


One of the smallest Corps, the Blue Lanterns are powered by Hope.  That’s admirable and all, but are they powerful enough to oppose a force that can destroy the greatest power source in the Universe?

Odds of destruction: 6/7 – The characters have proven to be fan-favorites, but their small number and passive nature may prove their downfall.


Wielders of the power of Compassion, these warriors consider themselves a Tribe rather than a Corps.  Does Compassion have a place on the battle field?

Odds of destruction: 7/7 – Sorry folks.  Relic sounds like a powerhouse and compassion probably won’t do a thing against him.  And this Tribe hasn’t been as popular with fans as some of the others.  My money’s on Indigo.


Also known as the Star Sapphires, this all-female Corps represents the power of Love.  Their leader, also known as Star Sapphire, like Sinestro, is one of Hal Jordan’s most famous opponents.  But like Compassion, is Love going to prove a threat to a foe as powerful as Relic?

Odds of destruction: 5/7 – Like Sinestro, Star Sapphire is too popular to die and with the beating DC is taking from female fans over their treatment of female characters, even they wouldn’t be stupid off to kill off an entire army of women!

Well, what do you think?  Did DiDio really spoil the story?  Or was that a red herring?  Who do you think will be destroyed?  Comment below!